Celebration Giveaway and a Freebie

 I have so much to be thankful for, and now it is time to give back. I'm hosting a big time giveaway to celebrate some major milestones and to thank you for helping me get there!

Over 250 blog followers
Over 100,000 page hits
Over 300 followers on Teacher's Pay Teachers
Over  24,000 downloads from Teachers Pay Teachers

Holy Moly!
That's a lot of numbers and a lot of love! 
Thank you!

To celebrate....
My blogging buddies are helping me give back to you!
This major giveaway runs from Dec 7 to Dec 18

There will be three winners
(Primary, Upper, and Everything in my store)
Also, on each of the 12 days, there will be additional prizes!

This is a winner's choice giveaway.
That means if you win, then you get to chose 1 item from all the K-2 stores below!
That's right. You pick your prize!
1 person will be chosen by rafflecopter.
December 18th is the closing date for the K-2 Hullabaloo
The First Grade Parade {Cara Carroll}
Flying into First Grade

Grab My Button!
Smiling In Second Grade 
Greg {I call him Mr. Kinder}
lanier's Kindergarten Lions

Erin Wing
Dilly Dabbles

Kate @ Second Grade
Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations
Patty Rutenbar

Fabulously First
Deb at Fabulously First

Peace, Love, & First Grade

Conversations in Literacy
  Conversations in Literacy

This is a winner's choice giveaway.
That means if you win, then you get to chose 1 item from all the 3-6th stores below!
That's right you pick your prize!
1 person will be chosen by rafflecopter.
December 18th is the closing date for the Santa's Wish List Giveaway
Teaching 4 Real
Pamela at Teaching 4 Real

Polka Dots and Pencils

Little Lovely Leaders

Third Grade Bookworm


Amber  from Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher


Reading Olympians


HoJo's Teaching Adventures
Heather aka HoJo
Joy of Teaching

Joy of Teaching

  Beach Sand and Lessons Plans
Gina from Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

The Teachaholic
Lessons From The Middle
Krystal Mills 

Anne Smith

Teacher to the Core
My shop specializes in all things First and Second Grade.
1 person will be chosen by rafflecopter to win everything in store.
December 18th is the closing date for the Sold Out Giveaway
12 Days of Daily Giveaways
for the next 12 days (12 blog posts) these fabulous bloggers
 are giving away items too! Add me to your Reading List or Blog Roll because you are not going to want to miss the daily giveaways! 
 Third Grade Tidbits

Gina from Third Grade Tidbits is going to let you go shopping in her store.
You pick your prize!
Kim from Finding Joy in Sixth Grade Day
$10 Starbucks Gift Card
Check out more details from this post

Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Michelle Oakes at Fabulous in First
is letting you Pick Your Prize from her store 


Check out more details from this blog { post }
Kinder-Craze is giving her Fruity Colors Poster Set
Fruity Colors Cover Pic.png
Read about this informational text unit
 from this blog post {here}
Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

Tanya's Giveaway is her Pizza Pack!
How cute!
Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 2.44.28 PM.png
Read more from this blog post { here }

Michelle's Giveaway is her darling Silly World Holiday Set

Read more about it on this blog {post}
 Check out more details from { this post}
Teaching in Room 6
Stephanie is giving away her Po-e-Tree (Poetry) unit! Ah-maz-ing!

Please feel free to pin your heart out from my blog.

I would LOVE your pin shout outs.  {pretty please}
You can click the icon below to head over pinterest.

Thank you !!!!

Good luck on the giveaways, and now for the Freebie!

Everyone is a winner today!
Here is a little freebie for you!

Click {here} to download the "12 Days of Christmas" song

Enter the 1st Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the 2nd Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the 3rd Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the 4th Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the5th Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the 6th Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the 7th Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the 8th Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the 9th Day of Christmas Giveaway
Thankful Giveaway
Enter the 10th Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the 11th Day of Christmas Giveaway
Enter the 12th Day Of Christmas Giveaway



  1. Congratulations on all of those milestones! This is a fantastic giveaway celebration!

    Thinking Out Loud

  2. I wanted to comment on the newest giveaway/contest. Thank you for the chance!

  3. I wish I would stop forgetting my classroom keys in the morning! So annoying having to hunt the custodian down to open my classroom.

    Elizabeth M.

  4. My go to dance it out song right now is LMFAO Party Rock Anthem.

  5. I keep forgetting where I put my house keys cos I just got too many things stuffed up in my big work bag!

  6. I constantly send emails that are supposed to be for my planning team to my entire staff. I blame mailing lists that have names that are too similar!

    Stef @ Miss Galvin Learns

  7. My go-to dance-around/sing-out-loud song is (currently) "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift.

    Stef @ Miss Galvin Learns

  8. I always forget to change my job charts each week.

  9. i always use lower case letters... even tho i know better! i also leave something in the car nearly every morning that i have to retrieve before the school day is done... sighhh giggle!

  10. I set papers down and don't remember where I put them. I need to pay attention!

  11. I will dance to any song so I don't have a go to song.

  12. It never fails for me to find a mistake in a parent letter that I copy and send home. It just makes me so ill! I also have a tendency to "hide" papers or stuff from myself! LOL

  13. I clean up after myself and then can't find where I put things. Very annoying!

  14. The silly/dumb thing I keep doing is hitting the wrong key on my laptop and deleting the message I am working on. I get so mad at myself.
    Susan in NC

  15. I'll clean my desk Friday before I leave and then can't find anything I need Monday morning... ugh!

  16. Taylor Swift I'd Lie... good times

  17. I don't empty my cute lunch tote when I get home so I end up bringing a tacky grocery sack with my lunch instead!

  18. Never can find my remote to my Smart Board..usually buried under a stack of papers. My kiddos always find it for me!

  19. The silly/dumb thing I always do is lay my Promethean board pen down and then can't find it anywhere in my classroom!
    Lindsey -

  20. My go - to dance song is anything by Katy Perry !

  21. I keep losing my magic eraser so I get out another one and then find the one I was looking for. I currently have 6magic erasers floating around my classroom.

    Christina :)
    Check out my blog!
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  22. I don't dance but my favorite song right now is Home by Phillip Phillips!

    Check out my blog!
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  23. I am forever misplacing everything. I actually have to write myself notes to find things because I have lost paychecks, my glasses, and so many other items!

  24. I love this blog ! So many fun things. What drives me crazy that I do? I am clutzy and always tripping, dropping, or spilling things. I makes me go, Aargh!

  25. I have to also add.. love to rock out to "Empire State" by Jay Z and Alicia Keys!

  26. I always forget my classroom keys or not sure where I put my grade book! Great Giveaway!

  27. What silly thing do you do constantly but wish you could stop?

    Every Friday, I have to return equipment for an after school program to a storage locker and lately I'm in the habit of driving off, leaving the storage door open. Ugh!

  28. What song is your go-to dance-it-out song?

    Right now I'm really liking Alex Clare's Too Close, I just can't help but start moving when I hear that song.

  29. I constantly run into walls and it drives me NUTS. I cut my corners too short and one day I'm really going to injure myself! Thanks for the great giveaways.

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  30. Go to and dance it out song would have to beee Cowboys and Angels or Better Dig Two. Not so much dancing songs as much as belt-it-out songs! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  31. I am totally adopting the name "Mr. Kinder" and making a glittery sash and everything!!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  32. I forget to update the lunch chart until kiddos are walking into the classroom and need to make their lunch choices.

  33. I always have to check to make sure things are nice and neat when I leave my house in the mornings.

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  34. What silly things do I do? What silly things do I NOT do would be far less typing for me!! I have a one year old daughter that is up every 3 hours for a bottle so I have not slept in forever. So basically my mind is swiss cheese. I am constantly calling things the wrong name or forgetting what I was saying. My first graders are very helpful but then it turns into this crazy guessing game for them to try to read Mrs. Mossor's mind. There are so many other things I could say but I forget right now what they are...:) Thanks for the awesome blog!!

  35. Okay I am again. I missed your giveaway and goodness knows I can't do that! My dance it out song would probably be something from Disney Jr. since that is always on in this house. So maybe a Jake and the Neveraland pirate song or a Choo Choo soul song? Plus there is always Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse. We rock out here!!

  36. What a great giveaway. Thanks. Happy Holidays.


  37. Silly thing - honestly, I keep forgetting to charge my phone!

  38. Thanks for this awesome giveaway : )

  39. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. :) Thank so much for the awesome giveaways!
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

  40. Congratulations! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    I always forget to return phone calls! Not a good bad habit to have!

    My current rock out song is "Gangnam Style." So fun!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  41. My text messages are always screwed up too!!!

  42. I am always walking from one area or room to another forgetting what I wanted to get.

  43. I don't really have a song!

  44. I keep forgetting to make my kids put their backpacks in the hall before lunch. Most days I end up putting them out there while they eat.

  45. My go to dance song in class is Hip Hop Tooty Ta

  46. My go to song is Hey Ya by Outkast.

  47. I love Love Shack to dance it out! LOL, showing my age a bit....

  48. One thing I am constantly doing that totally annoys me is using my phone until it dies. I know I should charge it when it shows 10% but sometimes I can't stop pinning and it dies on me. Then I get upset that I can't pin. lol

    My go to dance it out song right now is Blown Away by Carrie Underwood. Not so much dancing but singing and pretending there's a tornado behind me. Yea, I am a little bit crazy.

    Bren P.
    The Teacher Diaries

  49. I must learn not to say things out loud that should stay in my head. ; )

  50. The go to song -Celebrate.

  51. Not sure I have a song...maybe anything that is playing when I am leaving my classroom for the weekend!

  52. My dance it out song is "Good Time!" I'm excited about the giveaway!

  53. My dance song is "Pete the Cat-I love my white shoes"

  54. I reorganize my files to make it so much more efficient then I can't find where I put things. So I start over and then I cant find it, It is like a vicious circle.

  55. My safe places are so safe I can not find them.

  56. Congrats!!

    My favorite song to dance to is Jaded.

    I have lots of oops moments everyday but the one that bothers me the most is spilling food on myself. I try not to but I still manage to do it a couple of times a wekk.

    Lori A

  57. I agree... my typos drive me crazy! :)

  58. Every morning I open the wrong cabinet to get my coffee cup out. They have been in the same place for almost 10 years, but I do it every morning!

    My song to let it out to is anything old school by Bon Jovi! It always makes me feel better!!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  59. Congratulations on all your blogging and TPT accomplishments!

    I always underestimate how much time I "need" to get ready (and blog and pin things) in the morning and leave for school later than I want to.

    Compassionate Teacher

  60. The silly thing I do regularly is forget to put on deodorant. I now carry some in my purse and there's some in my filing cabinet in class.
    - Amanda {}
    Inspired in Second

  61. I never can remember to submit my lunch count by 9 every morning. They have to call for it. I have put one of my little boys in charge of it for me and he goes and gets it out of my box every morning so I'll remember to do it!

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