She-Said, She-Said new Blogger Team

Meet Amanda and Stacia! They are the Collaboration Cuties!
And they are brand spankin' new to blogging!
Cutesy ClickablesCollaborationCuties
As I was getting to know these two ladies, I wanted to know 5 fun facts about them!
( My responses will be in pink because I can't help interrupting)

1. Amanda uses her hands a lot when she is talking (very expressive) and by the end of the year, so do her students. ( I am a bit like Amanda, as a matter of fact I was flapping my arms around while talking on Thursday, and a kid walked into my hand. Poor thing got a scratch on his face and everything. Mom was VERY understanding, especially when the kid said, "It was my own fault, you have to stand back when Mrs. K tells a story!" We all laughed... Mostly, I was just thankful she didn't flip out.) Flap on Amanda! Every story is better with hand motions.

2. We both eat a lot of M&Ms. The kids ask us why and we say that they are medicine for teachers.
I'm not a fan..... but Skittles are like crack to me.

3. When Stacia gets anxious or stressed, she rearranges her classroom. Last year, our first year in 4th, she rearranged every week. :O)
Do you feel better when you are done?
I clean everything or just start reading blogs until I forget what worried me.

4. Stacia's face is very expressive. She has to be careful during long staff meetings because you can read her like a book!
I love it!!!! Stacia, Let's play poker together!

5. Amanda's laugh has been lovingly referred to as a car alarm when she laughs hard. It may be loud and obnoxious but it makes others laugh too, so it's worth it.
hahahahahahaha I love this!

Why did you get into blogging?

We wanted to get into blogging so we could share our ideas with other teachers. We are lifelong learners and we were hoping to connect with other teachers that we could learn from. We believe that working together is important because we support each other in an ever-changing profession.Plus blogging and stalking allows you to collaborate with a dream team,  in case your grade level is not too into collaboration.  If we support each other, we are in it together, so we feel like we can tackle anything I am hearing The Rocky Theme playing in my head- We really can do anything!
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