8th Day Star Readers

Lisa is my blogging buddy, and I just love her and her blog.

Here are some deliciously funny facts about my cute friend.

She is obsessed with boots and therefore finding pants that won't get overly bunched up at the

knee above the boot. Does anyone else freak about this too?

 I don't own boots because this freaks me out. 

I really want boots too, but can't deal with the pants bunching up!

This knee bunching is obviously an issue for the chick in the photo too. 

Boot bunching is a serious issue I tell ya!

Her classroom pet peeve is sharpening pencils. ( All of us hate it!) She says its, " [It's] kinda the bane
of my existence at times. No matter what strategies I employ, they still drive me crazy.
 I deal with them less due to said strategies, but when I do I'm kinda swearing in my head."
Can't you totally imagine her swearing as she sharpens pencils!?!?

We share a very naughty habit...McDonald's drinks
Lisa: Diet Coke
Me: Sweet Tea
 OK, but Lisa takes it to a WHOLE new level!  She will completely rearrange her WHOLE day
around the location of a McDonald's. There are no Mickey D's on the way to work so most
mornings she forgo packing a lunch, and probably getting fully dressed, in order to

leave enough time to drive a distant MC Donald's and get a Diet Coke.
I keep telling her...they sell Diet Coke in a can. But we all know its not the same!
She has met and hugged Oprah.
I know! I am super jealous!!!!
Here is what would happen if I met Oprah. Imagine our conversation would go something like this...
"Oh my gosh, there she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I would scream!
"Please can I take a picture with you, Oprah?!?"  I adore you...
 I Really, really, really want to come to your favorite things!!!!!!!
I Adore you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How come you are dialing 9-1-1 on your phone?????????????????

OK, now you know what else I love, I mean aside from Oprah?
 I LoVe this!
It is reading posters, strategies posters, thinking about thinking, and wonderful-ness!

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 text messages from her daughter's teacher!
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