Polar Express, Pajamas, and a Freebie

Every year we snuggle up and watch the Polar Express  in my first grade classroom. You do too? That’s because you are AMAZING! I am gearing up, shopping, and running copies- including this little freebie.

Tips for the Best Ever Pajama Day4

I am also unpacking my most favorite jammies ever! 

Tips for the Best Ever Pajama Day2These were sent to me from my friends at Chasing Fireflies. Here is why I love these jammies: They are comfy and slimming. I ALWAYS end up running all over town in my PJ’s on pajama day. I forget I am wearing PJs, so I am super confused when people look at me strangely. But let me tell you, now that I have “teacher” on the front of my jammies, I don’t get crazy looks from people at Starbucks, the grocery store, or Target. Now I get joyful, twinkling-eyed smiles and people asking, “So it’s pajama day at school, huh? What grade do you teach?”  Seriously, people are warmer and kinder, and they seem to come out of their shells when they see my teacher jammies! I am not kidding! You want these jammies!

I cannot recommend Chasing Fireflies jammies enough. My son has quite a few pair and the quality and fit cannot be beat! He wears them all the time and gets really excited when he sees a Chasing Fireflies box at the front door!

My hubby wants a pair of jammies now too. Maybe next year I can get a family jammie picture for our Christmas card! Until then, I am loving every minute of “train week” in first grade.

In preparation for the movie,  I am reading this book which you can buy on Amazon {here}

I am also shopping away and filling my basket with the following goodies:

Slide5  Slide6  

Here is a little tip for making cocoa. DO NOT USE THE PACKETS of DRY MIX. Instead buy gallons of hot cocoa and warm them in a crock pot! So much easier!!! Watch the temp sicne it can get hot fast. I warm 1 and 1/3 gallons, and I keep 2/3 in the fridge to cool off the cocoa if it gets too hot. This is so so so much easier than the dry mix!

Tips for the Best Ever Pajama Day3

You can download all these goodies and more from {here} for free!

Freebie for the Best Pajama Day Ever from Teacher to the Core

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I hope that you enjoy the freebies and that you try gallons of chocolate milk instead of the dry mix for your cocoa this year!!

Tips for the Best Ever Pajama Day