Eye Like What I See!

Well hello lovers! October has arrived and I am giddy.  I am buying candy, decorating, and in general wanting to color with orange, yellow, and brown crayons! Fall makes me happy! Great classroom behavior makes me happy too, thus I have a fun little gimmick for you!


So if you have read this blog more than once you know I pretty much live at Target. Look at what they have in the dollar bin! GIANT GOOGLY EYES!

imageYep! I am screaming at you! GIANT GOOGLY eyes. I have a googly eye problem. I can never have enough. “Eye” might be and eye hoarder. This is a gallon sized bag and it is far too empty for my comfort, but I am waiting until the Oriental Trading Black Friday sale to buy more. No shipping cost. I’m frugal. What can I say?


Anyway, so the BIG eyes! Right away I had a plan! This is what I threw up at recess and we were behaving like champions!
Then, I got super cute tonight, and made this freebie for you. You don’t need the Target googly eyes to use the freebie. The freebie (shown below) has the eyes on there for you! I did that because I hate going to Target, only to find that they are sold out. Here is what happens. I read an amazing blog post and want to do it too, but whatever they blogged about requires something from the dollar bin at Target. So I get in my car, driving way too fast to get there before they sell out, but my fast driving does not help. They are sold out!!!! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. So just in case your Target has sold out of those big eyes (or you are reading this in February) just print the free download and you will get the picture below and more goodies too! Woo-Hoo!!!Slide2
So this baby (above) goes on my whiteboard once I laminate it! Now this picture below is how they earn the 10 happy faces to have a party.


I have a daily competition of happy verses sad moments.
For example: You talk while I am talking. We are all sad. {Sad Tally Mark}You pick your nose and eat it. We are all sad. {Sad Tally Mark} Recent happy moment: Student whom I shall call “Human Bowling Ball” rammed into me and instead of continuing on her way, she said, “Excuse me. I’m sorry Mrs. Knight.” Progress people. Progress!!!  She earned us a happy tally!
The whole class thanks each other too, if the situation calls for it.  The kid who found the missing glue stick cap just about got a standing ovation when he earned a happy tally.

At the end of the day if there are more happy than sad moments they get to earn a happy face! I originally drew mine, but I don’t like my drawings much, so I pulled this together with Krista’s clip art! I am going laminate and really wow the kids with these!

After 10 happy days we will have a reward… popcorn and Charlie Brown are in our future!


This is my favorite part!!! You know the big bag of eyes??? I poured a few of them into a small container and if “ Eye like what I see” at a certain table group, they get this little trophy of sorts. If your table has the eyes when we line up, you line up first. If your table has it at the end of the day, then you get one of these!!!


I simply write their name and reward them by shouting them out in front of their friends.


Everyone loves their 15 minutes of fame! I am big into shouting out great behavior. We have a mini assembly at the end of every school day. It takes 30 seconds and it means the world to the kids! It’s a very personal touch and we are all thriving with the little extra bit of love and praise.


So enjoy people! I hope you like what you see and follow me. I love my readers, and I love your comments too! So leave me some love because “Eye” like hearing from you all!

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I hope your classroom behavior is better than ever!!!