Day 7 Starbucks Joy!

This is going to be my shortest blog post ever!
I am exhausted from my day of
My students were crazed today. So happy but like Joker from Batman happy.
Then I realized they might be acting so crazy because I was dressed like a nut.
I think my out fit may have been conveying this message,
When your teacher looks nuts, you should act nuts.
So we had a great day, but I'm pooped.
You know what you need when you are pooped?
That is what you can win by commenting on tonight's post.
Just be sure to leave me your email and follow my blog.
In your comment tell me your favorite coffee drink, even if its not a Starbucks drink.
My favorite is a Zebra from Starbucks.
Half White Mocha and Half Mocha
It's not on the menu, but they will make it for you if you ask.

Oh, I almost forgot. Head over to the big giveaway, if you have not already.