Smart Art Winter Nouns Recap

Check out this adorable one and a half foot candy cane!!!!

 I love this project.  The kids brainstorm and practice using this little baby 

(RIGHT). Then they write their favorite nouns on the candy cane (ABOVE). 

Kids write and then color, cut, and glue. Sweet and Easy!

 Winter nouns dec 7
download 1

Then we made snowflakes, and  they learned about plurals.

They say the winter plural nouns out loud and decide if the plural “s”

makes the /s/ or /z/ sound. This really helps them in their spelling skills later.

Winter nouns jan 9               IMG_0914
 I Love the title of this bulletin board. 
"It Takes More Than One Snowflake To Make A Snowman"
I might have to come up with a Compound Nouns freebie to go with this.
 I have snowflake and snowman in the title..... hmmmm....
Me-thinks I will do that when I return from vacation!
download 2

Then in February we will make George Washington's cherries & learn about

common and proper nouns.  We use the Legend of the Cherry Tree

fluency to learn about common and proper nouns, then we take our

learning and put it on cherries! When February rolls around, I’m going to

make a large Washington and put the cherries all around him!

Winter nouns feb 8          IMG_6623
download 3
I have to say that the art in this unit is special because it is not just art for

art’s sake.  The kids are using the art to learn with.  I love it when my room

looks great, but I love it even more when my room looks smart! This

combines the two. This art decorates your room with rigorous learning. It's

Smart Art. Plus, all the art is photocopier ready!!!  No tracing.
I hate tracing!
Oh, sorry I got into a tizzy, but  I really do hate tracing.

So that is Winter Nouns!!! It is available on TpT, but you know I am going to

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