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January 16, 2015

Winter Writing, Reading, Fluency, and Art

All UNIT Winter
I have been working feverishly on my curriculum to bring you only the best. That is what I have brought you with Winter Fluency! Like Spring fluency every week has:
  • A reading passage that is with and without numbers for use as fluency or simply repeated readings
  • A writing unit that includes a prompt and thinking maps to go with it.
  • Also included is an adorable art project.
  • All art masters are able to be photocopied and there is no tracing.
  • Directions are provided in words and pictures for the art.
  My trainings in Thinking Maps have revolutionized my writing program and how I meet the needs of my second language learners. In April, I will be releasing “Fall”. Additionally I will be adding 4 weeks into Spring. I have had June passages requested from many teachers. So I am adding them  as soon as I get home from speaking at the Northern California PreK-1st grade conference! The creation of this curriculum has brought me measurable and fast reading and writing growth. It is an added bonus that now my entire year is planned out for writing and informational reading!
Your entire year of writing is done-All of your bulletin boards are done too-plus the reading passages that come with this unit are spot on for 1st grade
This is has been a joyful road.  I love creating art, so for me that was the easy part. I have been diligent to make the reading appropriate for first grade. They grow and change so quickly this year, but they can only do that if they feel confident and motivated by the content.
Building stamina through daily reading of fluency passages that focus on REAL content in 1st grade
It takes some serious restraint to write passages that are readable. This is especially true when writing Science and Social Studies material. ANYONE can write "Pam can run." fluency. But to write informational text for kids who can barely read. Now that takes some thought!
In August I start with we go to bed. It is perfect for those fresh out of kinder babies! Each morning we read it out of the pocket chart for 2-5 minutes, then buddies come and we do it again using our paper passage.
By December we are off the pocket chart and onto paper only. Then by spring, we are rocking and rolling. Busy Honeybees is by far the hardest passage that they read daily.
The power words are essential in this process all year. We read them every time we read the passage. This builds up their operational vocabulary too! It’s a powerful thing guiding the kids through a daily shared reading of this passage! On Monday they get the general idea and reading the majority of the words right along with me, and by Friday they can read the whole thing independently! What happens is that they build such confidence and stamina that when they are reading library books independently they BELIEVE they can do it, so they do.
Make writing easy with maps to organize thier thinkingI have taught with every single passage and writing prompt. That is why it has taken me so long to get these units to you. Most of this curriculum was written last year and perfected in the editing process.  If it did not work with my students I made it better or scrapped it. I just finished the fall trimester and am now editing and rewriting the Fall Unit. Every time I sit down I find a way to simplify the text for our most beginning readers. New readers who were just in kindergarten are fragile little creatures. I will wet your appetite with some of what my students used this fall for our daily 2 minute quick reads and buddy reads. I love having buddies come and it really makes a difference in the lives and reading skills of my students.  
They can read this Slide1 Spring Cover 8
Both are available now on TpT. Please click the pictures above to head over to TpT if you are interested in having your writing and informational reading planned for the year! I know it’s a huge relief for me having it ready to go! Blessing to you sweet friends!

January 2, 2015

Walkin in a Winter Wonderland Blog Hop!!!

 Header to use at beginning of post 
Listen I live a place where I can SEE snow on the mountains, but snow never falls in my town. Well let me tell you this is the view off my freeway! Say what!?! Are you kidding me! Hello snow in the Inland Valley! Look at that palm tree with snow on top!

It is the New Year and it is time to make some plans for the best year ever!
So here is what I am doing!
Planning ahead for my classroom and trying to have all my copies done 3 weeks in advance. That means I am busy writing my fluency and craft projects all the way through June!
Investing time into my health and faith
Service: This is really on my heart this year.  I have always seen my job as a ministry and service to the community.  I want to continue to bless the families represented in my classroom.  Here is how I do that:
  • I pray for the kids. I don’t do this out loud I don’t tell the kids I am praying for them. But as they share about their lives, I hold them up in prayer.
  • I buy their girl scout cookies.
  • I take amazing pictures that I hope the parents treasure. This is what I am doing when we come back in January
We did these as a contest in our fourth grade for our Winter Party. Too much fun. - Heart-2-Home
Making quality freebies for you! This is the best little group science experiment ever!
Hibernation Freebie
Download now new
Meeting amazing bloggers like Emily from Live this Love She is your next stop on the hop!

December 16, 2014

Polar Express, Pajamas, and a Freebie

Every year we snuggle up and watch the Polar Express  in my first grade classroom. You do too? That’s because you are AMAZING! I am gearing up, shopping, and running copies- including this little freebie.

Tips for the Best Ever Pajama Day4

I am also unpacking my most favorite jammies ever! 

Tips for the Best Ever Pajama Day2These were sent to me from my friends at Chasing Fireflies. Here is why I love these jammies: They are comfy and slimming. I ALWAYS end up running all over town in my PJ’s on pajama day. I forget I am wearing PJs, so I am super confused when people look at me strangely. But let me tell you, now that I have “teacher” on the front of my jammies, I don’t get crazy looks from people at Starbucks, the grocery store, or Target. Now I get joyful, twinkling-eyed smiles and people asking, “So it’s pajama day at school, huh? What grade do you teach?”  Seriously, people are warmer and kinder, and they seem to come out of their shells when they see my teacher jammies! I am not kidding! You want these jammies!

I cannot recommend Chasing Fireflies jammies enough. My son has quite a few pair and the quality and fit cannot be beat! He wears them all the time and gets really excited when he sees a Chasing Fireflies box at the front door!

My hubby wants a pair of jammies now too. Maybe next year I can get a family jammie picture for our Christmas card! Until then, I am loving every minute of “train week” in first grade.

In preparation for the movie,  I am reading this book which you can buy on Amazon {here}

I am also shopping away and filling my basket with the following goodies:

Slide5  Slide6  

Here is a little tip for making cocoa. DO NOT USE THE PACKETS of DRY MIX. Instead buy gallons of hot cocoa and warm them in a crock pot! So much easier!!! Watch the temp sicne it can get hot fast. I warm 1 and 1/3 gallons, and I keep 2/3 in the fridge to cool off the cocoa if it gets too hot. This is so so so much easier than the dry mix!

Tips for the Best Ever Pajama Day3

You can download all these goodies and more from {here} for free!

Freebie for the Best Pajama Day Ever from Teacher to the Core

Download now new

I hope that you enjoy the freebies and that you try gallons of chocolate milk instead of the dry mix for your cocoa this year!!

Tips for the Best Ever Pajama Day

December 1, 2014

12 Days to sing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

What a fun fun event to be a part of! I am teaming up with 40 Amazing friends to be a part of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’s 12 days of Christmas!!!!!

I am part of Day 1!

Zip This is going to be FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To enter to win click the graphic below!!!!

zip 2 Yes! Just click the graphic above and you shall be entered to win!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 15, 2014

Bright Idea Round Up!

Good ideas are like treasures. This blog hop is like striking GOLD. Here are some of my bright ideas from Feb 2014-through now!!! Enjoy!
bright ideas round up-02
Next year when you are cutting up your apples for apple day, try doing the apple cheeks method!
How to cut an apple the safe and easy way- Teacher to the Core
If you are looking for a SUPER cool use for you desk you can watch my You Tube video, by clicking the picture below.
You Tube 1
If you are anchor chart handicapped (like me) the tip below might be a life saver!
July Bright Idea
Now this little trick I LOVE! This is how I make BIG BULLETIN BOARDS!
How to make super big bulletin board displays
Then I enlist my students or son to color them in!
Easy Peasy!
Now if you need some GREAT art ideas click the picture below or click {here}and see 4 common art problems solved!
Throwing a class party for the holiday season? Of course you are! This Valentine post gives you a few great tips for staying sane on party day!
Bright Ideas for Valentine's Day Sanity 
If you need a storage tip, try storing you papers in plastic sleeves! Staple several together for large units!
Organize entire TpT units in plastic sleeves -then staple and file- EASY
This post shows a few other storage secrets! Click {here}Organization tips from Teacher to the Core
Well that’s all for now! Enjoy the posts below from my sweet and talented friends!

November 9, 2014

Movember- Using Mustaches to Introduce Fractions

On the heels of breast cancer awareness, we turn our attention to all things men’s health in November. This movement is officially called Movember. To celebrate this amazing cause my little students are encouraging their daddies to go to the doctor. 
Slide1 I used these adorable post cards from Creative Teaching Press for my students to write their letters.  
Slide3 Because I teach first and their printing is so large, we did not try to mail these home, rather, they went home in their folders, but if you teach upper grades this is the perfect time to teach all things “address related”
  • Capitalizing first and last names, street names, cities, states
  • Abbreviations (Mr. and St. Dr. CT. etc.)
  • Commas between city and state.
Aside from the capitalizing, we don’t hit most of these things until the end of the year in first grade, so we just skipped the address part.
I wanted to cover some fraction skills with my own little man at home! The idea of fractions is so fun for kids!  He had never heard of fractions before and I love introducing new concepts! So this was particularly fun to plan with him in mind. Slide4
I wrote up some words on mustache labels that we come across in the world of fractions, half, halves, 1/2, third, thirds, 1/3, fourth, fourths, 1/4. We just took a minute to do a sort. Sorts are such a cool way to introduce concepts and topics.  He sorted them into groups he thought went together. He did fabulous!
I every so gently just asked what do you hear as I say, fourth, fourths, and 1/4? I asked gently because I wanted this concept attainment and not direct instruction. I have a pretty sharp kid who is naturally inquisitive, so he was all over it. “4!,”he yelled. Volume control is not in his wheelhouse recently. He is loud, everything is loud, joy is loud, frustration is loud. The TV is loud, videos are loud. God help me everything is LOUD…. I digress…
Then I handed him 10 zip ties and said, “So let’s lay these on top and make fourths”. No information beyond that… just a “Try it!” moment.  Too many zip ties and not too much information. Just him and his thoughts, making meaning. In class I would do this in table groups the exact same way. I used CTPs Mustache Mania Bulletin Board Set for the giant mustaches.
First a sort, sharing of ideas, a little information, and some exploration.
We explored a bit and then I gave him some mini mustaches to actually cut up.
Slide6Until a boy (or any child really)  can destroy/create something the learning is not complete!  It was also the perfect time to introduce the way to write in numbers what we say with our words. I love CTP’s number and letters. They are so easy to use and make boards look amazing!
Slide7 Jackson has been saying he is 7  and a 1/2 for the last 5 months. So all of a sudden he said, “Now I know how to write it!” He wrote it and then paraded around town showing his name tags telling everyone he was 7 and a half and could write it too! We loved the little name labels from Creative Teaching Press.  He ran off with the rest of the name tags saying, “No walls or furniture, I know mamma.”
IMG_3680For all the men in our lives we love you. Please go to the doctor INCLUDING THE DENTIST. Poor dental health can lead to heart attacks.  Please take care of yourself. We love to take care of you, dress you, boss you around, and organize you, but we cannot actually make you go to the doctor. Please just go. We want you around for a GOOD LONG TIME!
If you want to do this fun activity with your students please download this little freebie!
Teacher to the Core freebie on fractions
Download now new

November 1, 2014

Feather-Crisp Sugar Cookies

I am obsessed with these cookies. I mean seriously easy, delish, and very impressive! I took some to a party and people freaked over them. “WHERE DID YOU BUY THESE?”, the mommies all asked. Here is how I did it!
Slide1I got the idea a few years back and it’s so easy and fun. I have made them quite a few times and my son and I adore them. My hubby likes thick sugar cookies that you REALLY have to chew on and that can hold half a tub of frosting. These are not that kind of a cookie. They are so light and crisp you can almost see through them. They are amazing!
Slide4 To make these little babies:
  • Freeze your store bought dough for 30 min
  • Use a serrated knife to thinly slice
  • Fill the tops of Starbucks cups with sprinkles
  • Press in disks
  • Tip cup and cookie into your hands (over a sink is best)
  • Place on cookie sheet (spray or use parchment paper)
  • Bake at 350 for between 4-7 min. depending on your oven
Slide2 These are perfect for any time of year.
Slide5 Slide6 Slide3 I have something really magical to share. It’s my new favorite cookbook! Have you heard of Bake at 350? I love this blog. BIG love!
Bridget Edwards is the author of the blog and book and let me tell you this lady is all kinds of fun! I want to show you what she taught me and offer one of my readers her book! Look at what I learned! Slide14
You want this book. It’s a great gift to yourself or the cookie baker in your life! I just like looking at the pictures even if I bake nothing!
Slide15 To win this book enter the copter below! Good luck cookie lovers!
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