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October 18, 2014

Bats On My Brain~ Freebie!

Haunted house and bats, say no more! The kids were hooked! I love teaching in October! The content is JUST delicious!IMG_9832 On Wednesday morning, I woke up and thought OH MY GOSH what if my “Batty About Verbs” bulletin board included a huge haunted house???? The best part was my room mom (who loves all things decor) was coming that day. I knew she would be crazy enough to want to help me!!!! So instead of ME projecting, tracing, and cutting, SHE did it!!!! YES, I am a lucky girl. When I told her my plan she was on it!!!! In less than an hour this was done!!!
And now we are even battier about verbs!!! We used the moon, stars, and clouds from the prior year to create the look we wanted.
If you want to do this too, pull up any image on your computer, turn on your LCD, trace, cut, and VIOLA! This year I made the bats brown. Its more realistic and the haunted house was purple, so the bats could not be purple.
IMG_9835 IMG_9836
We created a circle map in class of things bats do (bat verbs). We used this amazing book by Lily Wood. 

 I read this aloud and the kids raised their hands when they heard the verb. Very few sentences in this book had helping verbs, and when they did I just changed the sentence around a bit.

  The kids loved it. Then they chose two words and wrote 1 on each wing.

Depending on how you staple the bats, you can give the effect of them flying.  I stapled all the bats in these 3 ways: flat, wings folded in, and body bowing out a bit. You can see above and below what I mean.

IMG_9832 This is what I did last year. I think this is JUST as cute and there is no need to be insane and make a haunted mansion.  BUT I do love my mansion.

If you want my bats they are {here} in my store for free!
There is also an alternate art project included in the download. You can see it in the thumbnail on the bottom left. 
If you are really batty and want to win this tile for your home or classroom, enter the copter below! My amazing room mom makes these tiles and other vinyl goodies too! My little man is loving this count down and the chalk erases so cleanly off the chalkboard vinyl!
a Rafflecopter giveaway XOXO,
Your batty friend, Katie

October 15, 2014

5 Tips for a Great Mammogram

The C word. No one wants to talk about it because it is not easy. But I want to talk to you about early detection. I am thankful for early detection because it saved my mom’s life both times she got breast cancer. It did not save my aunt.  I am pretty serious about taking precautions and getting tests! Here are my best mammo tips and ticks.   Many of these I learned just from this being my second mammogram and the dumb stuff I did the first time around.

5 Tips for making your mammogram great (2)

Mammo 1- I had outrageous curls. Think Texas beauty queen hair.  I was nervous the day of and spent a lot of time primping. My hair was in the way the whole time!

Mammo 2-  It was a pony all the way!

 5 Tips for making your mammogram great (3)

Mammo 1- to go with my rocking hair, was an awesome sundress. This meant I was in my panties for the exam. Not necessary!

Mammo 2- Shorts/ Jeans. I felt so much more comfy, modest, and warmer.

 5 Tips for making your mammogram great (4)

Mammo 1- I arrived on time and then had to fill out the paperwork and then I felt flustered that I was holding up the technician.

Mammo 2- I arrived early, sipped an iced mocha, and filled out my paperwork calmly.

 5 Tips for making your mammogram great (5)

Both mammos I told my technician the very short version of my mom’s and aunt’s story.  I think both techs really took their time and got clean clear shots of me, knowing that this really could be an issue.

 5 Tips for making your mammogram great6

I am awaiting my results. They should arrive in a week. I know that God is with me and I am in His hands. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have this mammogram done!

5 Tips for making your mammogram great

I am teaming Up with my pal Vicky Moore.  Please log on to her blog {here} to hear from this amazing woman and her story.  Vicky shares with us the top 10 reasons to go get a mammo. Her list had info I didn’t know and a few common sense reasons like, yep I want to keep my hair and “ladies” intact!

Tip 3:


We really want to encourage you to “Think Pink”.  Please take that next step toward your best health possible.  Don’t take no for an answer from your doctor either. Your doctor might need to be told that this is “really on your mind and weighing heavily on your peace of mind as you go to sleep at night”. That little phrase turned my doctor’s initial “no” into a “why not”.  That’s all I needed was her “yes” toward my healthiest life possible.

You can do it too! 

You know what else you can do? Enter this giveaway for some amazing “Think Pink” goodies!

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October 11, 2014

Classroom Tour & My Tour of the Creative Teaching Press Factory and Headquarters!

Oh my goodness friends! I am so excited. I made a video of my room and toured you through it before I put up any student work. I wanted you to be able see how you might use the space if this room was yours and then see what I did with the space!

Teacher to the Cores chevron classroom

I am very committed to Collaborative Learning this year and try really hard to plan lessons where the kids work together in groups of 4 as much as possible.  The result has been deeper friendships, deeper understanding, and of course more fun.

layer your border to create impact

Many assignments have 4 names on the top since it was completed collaboratively. This is how I display their amazing work.

 great way to display assignments completed in groups

Sentence frames like “I ______ dot it because ___________.” help kids to participate meaningfully in their groups. These are especially helpful for English Language Learners who are still developing their feel for and/or confidence in our language.

Another focus this year is Thinking Maps. But you know Thinking Maps are not always pretty. Below is the world's ugliest Double Bubble map.   cute bulletin board idea- wrapping paper circles

I store my centers in these little lime green trash bins from the Dollar Tree.

The darling “froggies” are from Creative Teaching Press. I love them!Slide5

These are my centers, for the first week of September.

 dollar store trash cans and Creative Teaching Press frongs make these centers tubs so cute

I love Creative Teaching Press’ Chevron Series! I used the desk name cards for my “Fun with Names” center. a names center is so fun for kids to practice capitalizing and learning the names of the kids in class

I cut up some of my extra desk name tags to make flash cards!


I had a whole bunch of fun with borders and wrapping paper this year!classsroom tour- love all the chevron and clever ideas

Below is the world’s easiest bulletin board. I just blogged on how to make it last week.

Classroom reveal1 

These are my student boxes. I don’t like desk names tags, so this is what I did. I wrote the kids names on chevron adhesive labels. Then, I stuck them onto lamination sheets, ran them through the laminator, and after I cut them out I stuck them on each box with Gorilla tape. make name tags last all year

Now this is one of my all time favorite tips! I made my phonics wall interactive this year. Phonics wall fun! Pink chevron Circles are a freebie on this blog post!

The cards are easy up and easy down because I put them up with push pins.  The hole had to be enlarged, but now they are up and down a million times a day. The kids love to do making words with the big cards! The little circles help me get the cards up really fast with out having to sing the ABC song to get the cards in the right spot.Get your students having thoughtful conversation quickly with this freebie from hello literacy

 Jen Jones is a genius and these discussion cards are the best thing ever. They are free in her TpT store! If you have read Jen’s blog or been teaching more than a minute you know the power in making connections when reading.I am encouraging connections this fall with a connections chain. When connections are made we add a link! I used leftover border and pink construction a paper to make this. Slide13

We all have that corner where all of our stuff ends up. This is mine.Slide14

I have written about “Shout Outs!” here… I love them. This is how I store them. LOVE LOVE LOVESlide15

New this year, is Fall Fluency. The kids are really taking off as readers!Slide16

If you noticed I am a Chevron fanatic.  I met Heather of Creative Teaching Press in Vegas and fell in love with her and Creative Teaching Press.  Heather invited me to visit headquarters and I had the time of my life! Here are a few pictures from my afternoon there!Slide17This company truly has heart! Even the lobby is gorgeous! Every person was warm, friendly, and had decorated their desk area with amazing Creative Teaching Press materials !!!


Of course I could not take everyone’s picture. Lots of people were thrilled to meet me, but were feverishly covering up top secret designs on their desks! If they were stashing stuff, I tried to keep my camera down. This is the amazing customer service team. These are the beautiful ladies you are talking to when you call Creative Teaching Press.



I have to tell you, I was so impressed with the Creative Teaching Press factory. The staff was amazing and I was thrilled to hear that they use local printers! Everyone was working feverishly, but joyfully packaging materials.  No heavy machinery here. Your borders and bulletin board sets are counted and slid into plastic sleeves by loving Creative Teaching Press hands. Creative Teaching Press is by far one of the best companies ever.


I want to say thank you to Creative Teaching Press for opening their doors to me.  I also want to thank them for not only making our teacher lives easier but also more beautiful!

These are the amazing products from Creative Teaching Press that I used to create my Chevron Classroom:



Jen Jones Critical Thinking Sentence Frames

Teacher to the Core Pink Chevron ABC Circles

Freebie Circle Letters for an interactive phonics wall

Download now new

Vowel Pennant post and freebie

Making your own pocket charts is easy using these tips. This blog has uber fun freebies including this vowel pennant!

Download now new

Grading work Post and Freebie from Learning in Wonderland


Download now new

October 6, 2014

World’s Easiest Bulletin Board {Part 2}

You guys! Thanks for loving the board! It really is easy-peasy, but I made another video showing you the DIY part of making the actual board. You all had some great questions about where to find the “2 armed doo-hicky-thingies”

image Staples has to 2 pronged fasteners {here}

Making the backers:

  • Cut Full Sized construction paper in half. I like black because it matches everything! Laminate it now if you are going to laminate.
  • Make a template: 2 hole punch a 8.5X11 regular paper. Then tape it to one of your  9X17 backers. This is a very important step if you want a black border all the way around your papers.
  • Use a single hole punch to punch the holes in the backers. YOU CANNOT USE THE TWO HOLE PUNCH FOR THIS. If you do then you will not have a black border on the top of your papers.
  • Slip in a 2 pronged holder. Tape it to the back for stability.
  • Hang the backers in an arrangement you like. I like doing it like this since I can hang up cute lettering and the standard along with it.
  • Add papers all year or take them off and on for each activity. Your choice. I send my papers home so the parents can see what their kids are doing.


  • Laminate for sure, but I have had my set fo7 years and they get taken all the way dawn and put up 3 times a year because I rotate classrooms each trimester. So you wont be investing much money or time into remaking these very often.


October 4, 2014

Classroom Reveal {Part } The World’s Fastest Bulletin Board!

Stop the world. I did another video! As you can see I still don’t know how to choose a frame that is attractive as my thumbnail.  Someday….

This is my favorite, fastest bulletin board. I love it. This little one minute 40 second video will show ya the ins and out and you can see me put the student work up in time lapse. Super Fun!

Here is a second video on how to make the backers! Look I figured out how to grab a more “attractive” thumbnail!


Staples.com has free shipping and these pronged holders {here}

chalk talk

If you are in the mood for some more fun ideas, visit my pals from the Primary Chalkboard!

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