Print Like a Jedi Master


This has come out of a place of needing my students to print neatly and actually making it happen.  Through daily 5 minute board work lessons & cool pages, my students really are printing like Jedi Masters.  I have found that some kids don't "see" or have not learned to look at  the lines so they are not able to use them. Seeing, naming, and using the lines is key. In class we call them sky line, tree line, dirt line.

How many times do you get crazy “k”s like this?
Or worse, the ALWAYS capital K... drives me nuts too.
These cards HELP. 
Because we name the lines, we have a common vocabulary.
I can talk about the dirt line (bottom line) and how I want that k to touch the dirt line. Or in the case of a lower case g, I can remind the kids, they don't start at the sky line. They start at 
the tree line and go down into the roots!
During 5 minute board work.... 
nobody can hide at their desk forming letters incorrectly. 
I can all of them!

After I model, help, and help some more, 
we move on to the practice pages.
Here are samples of the pages included! 

Star Wars Printing 7  Star Wars Printing 3

Each page has the letter inside real words with a picture clues. 
Words are kept short to make them readable to young eyes.
By the end of the alphabet I have transitioned into sentences.

Star Wars Printing 4

As a bonus, I included the 4 diagraphs!

Star Wars Printing 1    Star Wars Printing 6

I named the groups based on how the letter is formed. And I created “stay sharp” pages to review.  We do one page once a week, and let me tell you they work hard on these pages because neat work means a skittle. If I have a child who is making the letters p, q, j, y, and g incorrectly I can hand them the " roots letters " review page for homework. This is also why they work hard on review pages because no one wants extra homework.

I have included pictures because some of us
need the see the whole thing before they can
feel comfortable taking the plunge.
So for those of us who want to see it all, here you go.
These are the ball and stick letters.

Letters with Roots

Letters with Roots

Sky Scrapers

Middle Men

Curved Letters

I also made Digraphs Pages as a Bonus!!!

Plus you get the board work cards and 
a detailed description of how to use them.

Star Wars Printing 7Star Wars Printing 3

These two pages are a little freebie for you. They are waiting for you at  TpT in the “Download Preview”. Enjoy!

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