Bright Idea Round Up!

Good ideas are like treasures. This blog hop is like striking GOLD. Here are some of my bright ideas from Feb 2014-through now!!! Enjoy!
bright ideas round up-02
Next year when you are cutting up your apples for apple day, try doing the apple cheeks method!
How to cut an apple the safe and easy way- Teacher to the Core
If you are looking for a SUPER cool use for you desk you can watch my You Tube video, by clicking the picture below.
You Tube 1
If you are anchor chart handicapped (like me) the tip below might be a life saver!
July Bright Idea
Now this little trick I LOVE! This is how I make BIG BULLETIN BOARDS!
How to make super big bulletin board displays
Then I enlist my students or son to color them in!
Easy Peasy!
Now if you need some GREAT art ideas click the picture below or click {here}and see 4 common art problems solved!
Throwing a class party for the holiday season? Of course you are! This Valentine post gives you a few great tips for staying sane on party day!
Bright Ideas for Valentine's Day Sanity 
If you need a storage tip, try storing you papers in plastic sleeves! Staple several together for large units!
Organize entire TpT units in plastic sleeves -then staple and file- EASY
This post shows a few other storage secrets! Click {here}Organization tips from Teacher to the Core
Well that’s all for now! Enjoy the posts below from my sweet and talented friends!