Bright Ideas {Valentine’s Day}

Happy V day (Valium Day). I love Valentine’s day for a whole lot of reasons.  I dislike it for a few reasons too. For example the kids saying ValentiME drives me to drink.  Another CRAZY maker is the parents (lovingly) sending treats we don’t need. This year I got thirty 4 inch by 4 inch brownies ( I am NOT kidding). I love brownies as much as the next guy, but the size was a little much.  Thank God for my room mom who cut them up for me, and I do thank God for the SWEET child that brought them.  He is an absolute LOVEbug.
Here are 5 tips that helped me to have one of the best V Days ever and I did not take any Valium!
Bright Ideas for Valentine's Day Sanity
Can I hear and AMEN for lunch time? We usually party the last hour of the day,  but then I am breathless and my room looks like a bomb went off in it as the kids leave.  No thank you! After lunch we did some great Common Core Valentine learning, cleaned up the room, and ended our day like we always do. We read a story, packed and stacked, and had our daily awards ceremony. It was calm. It was beautiful, and it was calm. Wait, did I already say that it was calm? Well it was calm.
Bag it up Baby!

But the envelopes took a while for my room mom to make. This year I batted my eye lashes at a box boy and he gave me 30 grocery sacks. They were fast, easy, and cheap (words I never want anyone to use to describe me) But they are music to my ears for a classroom problem solver. How do kids get all their stuff home? These bags! Plus the bags stand up straight for the easy “dropping in” of the Valentines. To get this darling Valenswine art freebie click {here}
Bright Ideas for Valentine's Day Sanity (3)
Come on Shake Your Body, Baby Do the Conga!
I am the mean teacher that does not allow the kids to address valentines to their friends. I only allow them to sign their names.  This is because we dance Conga line style through the room and drop a valentine into every bag. It’s easy and FUN! This year 29 kids handed out valentines in under 10 minutes! I kid you not! I played Gloria Estefan’s Conga Song and we were done is a snap. The quickness also allowed us to spend time doing other fun things during our party. I was leading the conga, so I could not take pictures- Sorry. The LAST thing you want to see is me doing the conga!
Make the Valentine Fun Academic
I skipped categorize and classify in my HM story a few weeks ago because I knew I was going to do this with the kids.
Bright Ideas for Valentine's Day Sanity (2)
I am telling you the kids learned a lot and had a great time negotiating about where each Valentine should be classified? Should the Hello Kitty with Dove chocolate go on “Characters” or “Candy”? We ended up separating them so that they could go in both places, but it was a perfect way to teach that some questions have many correct answers. 
If you want to do this next year, have 4-5 blank hearts ready.  Then as the kids are opening their cards, walk the room and look for the most common categories. Be sure to make an “other” category to cover the random valentines that don’t fit any category.  “Where did I get the valentines to glue on?” you ask. Oh every kids always has one left over because I ask the parents to send in 1 extra. It is usually not a problem since I have 29 kids and valentines tend to come in packs of 36. Usually the kids have  6-7 extra!
If you stop the candy intake, you can avoid the candy induced freak out {maybe}
Bright Ideas for Valentine's Day Sanity (4)
While they are eating their treat, juice, and whatever else is sent in (4X4 brownies) I run around stapling the bags shut. I still saw little hands try to sneak into their bag, but they had a hard time getting through 50 staples.  OK I really only used 5 staples, but was effective.
Now it’s time to snuggle up with the men in my life and enjoy pizza and peace and try on my new shoes. My kind of Friday night!


  1. That sounds like so much fun, Katie! Valentine's Day is not such a big day at school's here in Australia (which I think is a bit of a shame), but we had fun paying compliments to everyone and reading Splat the Cat and Pete the Cat's adventures on Valentine's Day! I love your ideas, and hopefully next year I can work in a party (it was only our third week for the year) and some of these great ideas!

    Miss Galvin Learns

    1. I can't believe it's only your 3rd week. But that is also very cool!!! A valentine party would be a fun mixer and multicultural experience for your Aussies!

  2. Katie, you had me laughing out loud during parts of this post! "They were fast, easy, and cheap (words I never want anyone to use to describe me)..." hahah Hilarious.Thank you for sharing so many great ideas!! I love the Conga line valentine drop and hosting the party right before lunch! Genius. I am bookmarking this page to remember for next year!

    Thank you thank you!
    Little Miss Primary

  3. Like you, I stapled those Valentine's bags shut. We had a short celebration and a mini dance party. All in all, it was a good day.

  4. Loved your post. It made me laugh because it was so true. I loved the idea about not addressing the cards with their friends names. That would save so much time. Thanks for sharing! I'm hoping my V-Day party goes fast on Tuesday. We had a snow day yesterday and are off on Monday.

  5. Very fun post! Great ideas too. I love your idea of stapling the bags shut!! We did our party before lunch this year & then the kids went home at noon (Yay!- best ever!!!!!). It was a contract thing that we got an extra 1/2 day. I'm going to use your categorize & classify idea!

  6. Such great ideas! I love all of them. Will try this management idea next year!

  7. These are awesome ideas! We had snow days this week but are having a make up today and celebrating Valentine's. I just stapled those bags up! One kid went "staple mine up good, I can't be trusted". :)

  8. Katie..I just adore you and everything you stand for. Every time I read your blog I get a giggle and I learn something! PERFECTION! I LOVE that your kids don't write names on their Valentines....that is BRILLIANT! Brilliant I tell you! That is a DONE deal next year!!! Thanks for the great tips!


  9. oh man! We aren't allowed to serve ANY food in our rooms before lunch! it "competes" with the cafeteria! Love the post! ANd the conga line. We haven't had ValentiMes at school yet due to snow! So I'm doing this!

  10. Love your conga idea! Such a great way to pass out cards! Having the party right before lunch is a good idea too. We have indoor recess so much at this time of the year, that it would totally backfire on me though!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  11. You all CRACK me up! I cannot believe all you snow stories!!!! I am sorry about all the indoor recess time!!!! It will be summer break before you know it!

  12. LOL! We pass ours out in record time too. I let them set up right and pass out right before lunch. They HATE being late for lunch, so this encouraged them to get r done. After lunch and recess, we have a 30 min. block. I let them have at it. They opened and ate to their hearts content. We cleaned up and then I took them to Music and PE. Bwa ha ha ha! After specials, they go HOME. Done and done!

  13. EVERY year I say we won't write names on Valentines- yet I give in and we do it and I go CRAZY!!! I am not doing it next year. I'm stealing your conga line and we will dance all the way!
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  14. Tiffani, the parents are super happy to hear that their kids are going to be dancing and having FUN in the place of writing names.


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