Big “O” Organization

 I am trying these crayons this year.  They are not cheap, so I won’t give them to the kids until December, but I am looking forward to trying them! I think they will last much longer than regular crayons.


Once I stared opening my cabinets, I thought I would show you a little bit of how I have organized myself this year. 


The bins on the bottom shelf can be pulled out to reveal even more storage in the back.

Organization tips from Teacher to the Core

This is another shelf where I keep all my workbooks that have been prepped for the year. My poor room moms spend most of the month of June ripping, sorting, and nursing paper cuts.  But the photo above shows what it looks like when they are done!
I tried some new things this year and I loved the way it looks. BONUS: It is functioning beautifully.

After ripping and sorting student workbooks place them back into a few of the covers so they are recognisable.
I wrapped the math homework in construction paper and labeled it with paper from a cute notepad. My boxes of math (seen behind) got the same bee treatment. I placed the Social Studies units back into a few of the covers to keep them separated and recognizable.
Cool ideas for classroom storeage
The language arts and science went into Staples copy boxes by theme/unit. They stack beautifully!!! Post-its tell me what’s inside and can be easily removed as I fill the boxes with new stuff each trimester.

The manager at Staples was very nice and gave my room mom 16 boxes.  OF course, he knows me, and I was just in there buying $100 worth of crayons…. so he also knows where his bread is buttered!

To read about a heavenly filing system click {here}.

Classroom Organization Ideas

Happy organizing friends… oh and before you think for one second that I am perfect or have it all under control, this is my desk drawer. See, I’m far from perfect!


When you look in your desk drawer what do you see too much of ??? In my case it’s pens and markers. What’s your clutter???


  1. My clutter's, your clutter! Love you!

  2. I'm so glad to know someone else's desk drawer looks like mine ha! I'm in LOVE with your filing system - genius! Do you take the pages out to run copies, or will they run okay through the sheet protector?

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. The sheet protectors usually hold about a weeks worth of copies, but a copier will scan right through the plastic sheet if you wanted to do so.

  3. I'm also trying the Twistables this year! We requested both the Twistable crayons and colored pencils on our supply list. I'm really excited to not sharpen colored pencils!! I also think they will last A LOT longer!!
    I love your idea of using plastic sheet protectors as file organization!! I might have to try that!!

    Kinder Colors

  4. We were destined to be friends! Love that organization! It's beautiful!! Also love Twistables! They are not nearly as easy to lose as regular crayons! Happy weekend!

    1. Laura!!! That's what I was thinking too... maybe they wont lose, break, or chew these crayons up.

  5. My kids and I love the Twistables. I have had the same pack for going on 3 years now. I also love the twistable colored pencils. So of course that has added to my clutter of writing implements.

  6. I tried the twistable crayons with my children last year (they are younger than yours) and removed them after three weeks. I spent most of the day trying to stop them from twisting the things all the way out. I went over proper usage numerous times, but the second I would turn my head they would twist them back out again.
    I removed them because one of my girls (who loves to chew things) put the back of it in her mouth while she was thinking about what to write and her lip got caught in the twist part. When it got detached, her lip was bruised and bleeding. I decided my children weren't ready for them yet. (But I still use them whenever I get a chance!)


  7. I totally want to know how the twistable crayons come out at the end of the year! And I love the copy paper box idea!


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