How to do a “Currently” using Google Picasa

Currently is such a fun start to the month! But as my hubby (who blogs as well) asked “How do you do this ‘Currently’ thing?” I was explaining it to him, and I realized that you all might like to know an easy way to complete your Currently. I use Google Picasa. It’s free, easy, quick, and I use it all the time to add cool writing atop my photos {see below}.

Teacher to the Core


I love the program and you can download it here for free.
This program lets you edit photos, add text on top, and can be used to make cool preview downloads for TpT.

To make a preview like this choose “Create” then choose “Collage” in the drop down menu.


To use Picasa for Currently…
Simply save the file from Farley’s blog…
Right click and then save….
(All these …. ellipses are for you Farley….)


I save mine to the desktop, but wherever you save yours, find it, then double click it. A screen pops up with a large image of your picture. At the very bottom it says “Edit in Picasa”. Now click that button {see below}


Now Picasa is open you can edit your photo like crazy!


Choose the ABC “text” button on the left. It’s the 8th button.


Now you are ready to choose your font, size, and colors.


Now just click onto any spot and start typing! The text appears like magic. No need to create a text box every time. Just click in any open space and type.


You can drag around text boxes, change colors, and text sizes. Once you are happy, you must click the “Apply” button. That’s the one with the green arrow {below}.


Then '”Save”.


I save to mine to my desktop, put it on my blog, and I am good to go in under 5 minutes! Woo-Hoo! I really love Google Picasa. You can create so many great things.  My hubby wanted a blog header and it was Picasa to the rescue…

 Writing Pad Dad

My sister’s baby was born and I wanted to add cool effects to the pictures… Picasa again…. I was able to tweak colors and add text easily.  Now if you are Light Box or Photoshop expert I worship the ground you walk on! I am not, and I don’t really have the time to learn.  So, for me,  it’s Picasa to the rescue!!!

To read my actual Currently for this month and read about "Zero" our October delivery from Santa, click {here}!


  1. Thanks for the lesson! I didn't realize how easy Picasa was to use!

    Lesson Plans and Lollipops

  2. I LOVE Picasa! I always edit my photos using the program. It's so simple - and I do my Currently on it each month too! Great minds think alike :)

    Joy in the Journey

  3. What a great tutorial! I've been using MS Paint, but I might have to try Picassa.

  4. Thank you! I have Picasa and have used it for collages, but I didn't know you could add text! I need to go and play around with it now! Thanks again!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  5. Love this! I always just use powerpoint for my currently or when I want to add text. I'll have to try Picasa. It looks super easy!

    Flying High in First Grade


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