Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

Hello, my Sugar,  

Hello my Honey,

Hello my rag-time gal!

Why am I singing?

Because I am going off track in two days. Just in case you might not know what year round is (lucky duck), it means every three months, I have month off.  This sounds great until you have to change rooms every three months. Yep. Down to the last staple in the wall, I have to take my stuff, box it, and find a spot for it.  Then unpack it all again in 30 days. LaMe  LAME lame. But the vacation part is fab-boo!

So in this last week of school we have been hitting American Symbols hard! The kids take their social studies test tomorrow.
Here is what I am loving! In two weeks of teaching I have 4 Social Studies grades! 4!  Can you hear me scream for joy???!!!

Social Studies is hard in my district because our books are written at second grade level for first graders. The kids can't take the books home to practice. It is awful! But But BuT BUT! We have been using these informational reading pages. Then, they have been taking them home to practice with! My students fluency has gone th-uh-roo the roof! We are taking this test tomorrow!

They are going to RoCK it like Bon Jovi! 

If you want and need social studies information reading for your students, if you want a full grade book, then you want this unit

You can find it {here} 

We did our nouns tree and I am dying. For those of you who were Botany majors - avert your eyes. I know candy corns do not grow on trees, but they do in my classroom. Each section of the candy corn talks about a fall person, place, or thing.

My candy corn said this....
Person: The salesman at Sees candy
Place: Candy Isle at Target
Thing: Skittles

The kids were more focused than me, and their candy corns turned out pretty cute and pretty sweet. I call most of the art I do Smart Art, because I want everything my kids make to make them smarter...even art.

Last month my tree looked like this.

Here is a close up of this little bit of sweetness!
Huh? Why is it sideways?

Each art activity has a work page that goes with the skill on the art.

In November the kids will make these. Before you think I am crazy to tie 30 bows, I use the bows over and over and over again. The bows never go home. EVER
The focus of this learning page is: What sound does 
the "s" make at the end of the word?
kids /z/
presents /s/
They love it, and it makes them smart.

If you can't live without a great fall unit on Nouns, then get it {here}


 You can also get winter nouns from TpT   

Last week, we made these from Amy Lemons
You give the kids two Popsicle sticks and a white piece of paper.
They create their own monster. The little monster eats the big monster! ><= Heaven! I only displayed a few, because every kid wanted to take theirs home. I had to bribe these kids with candy for letting me post them up for 1 week.

We are getting ready to see who has reached their October Goals.
I finished this last night! Black Frame + Paper letter= Cuteness.
This little guy is modeling the kind of pictures the kids bring home to their families, if they reach their October Goals. His mom allows me to post pictures of him. How cute is he?

Well friends, Reality TV, Pinterest, and Mr. Wonderful await me.
Do you set monthly goals in your classroom? It is a new concept for me. How do you like it? What do you do? Tell me everything!