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American Symbols

I have taught this for 4 years and got

 the best clip art to turn it into a fabulous unit for you.

This unit meets the Common Core Standards for

Informational Reading with rigor and joy!


This unit is now fully updated with fresh fonts and more activities to engage your 1st graders!

My students LOVED this, and I got 4 parent notes telling me how

 much they enjoyed hearing their child talk informatively and

passionately about Social Studies.

One parent said that their child doesn't talk much at the dinner

table, and now he won't stop talking about school and symbols!

Here is a sample of the 8 Fluency Reading Comprehension Pages 

 2 Interactive Student Books

 Oral Speaking "pledge page" with assessment rubric

 Tons of Activities like these:

Math Graphing Bulletin Board
You also get full color pages of all 5 symbols to
 make your bulletin board so cute.
Also you need a great way to show your graphing data.
Other super fun learning pages are:
Calendar Symbols
Bubble Maps
Mixed Up Pledge 

 3 Assessments

Here is everything in the unit. (Unit has even more now)

Bonus American Symbols Mock Election Material

 The Reading Fluency passage comes in three levels.
Low First Grade
 First/ Low Second
Second Grade

Anchor Charts and Registration to Vote

 Time to vote Anchor Chart, Secret Ballot, and Graphing to discover the winner

Easy Graph (Tally Marks)

"Harder" Graph

******* Update ******

I am excited to tell you the unit has had even more added to it and has become a BUNDLE!

62 Printable and 6 art projects!
Pick and Choose or do them all. 
This has open house written all over it!
2 student books
3 math and literacy activities
1 game
8 fluency & reading comprehension pages
8 Bubble Thinking maps & labeling pages
Syllables Page
2 Smart Charts
Clues Page (possible assessment if you choose)
2 patriotic student writing pages
1 oral speaking activity with parent note & grading rubric
3 assessments
and 6 art projects


  1. Your unit looks amazing! I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! I'm your newest follower :)

    The Littlest Scholars

  2. Beautiful unit! I teach 3rd so some of the activities might be too easy but I do LOVE to teach the symbols as well. Came to your blog from Pinterest & started following you! :-)
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  3. I SO wish I was teaching American Symbols this year!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. Miss Foote, do it! Teach it! This is the perfect time with election season on the way. February is a good time too! I love the name of your blog. I'm going to stop by!

  5. Hi!!! Love, love, love your stuff. I previously taught 1st so I'm gravitating toward your Blog! Found you on Pinterest and started following you. I teach 3rd, do you plan to make an American Symbols set for older kiddos? Pretty please?! I just started a blog...stop by!


  6. hi i would like to purchase this. How can i go about it printing them out?

    1. Rosanna, you would buy them from Teachers Pay Teachers. Then you would download them at home or at school and print them. I am so glad that you like this.


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