Summer is arriving early

Summer in the city

Kathleen Wainwright is the author of this stunning book.

Isn't the cover to DIE for? 

I love the silhouetted children

and the frozen-in-time movement of their joyful little bodies.

The theme of the silhouette children is carried through on every page,

and each is more visually stunning than the last.

As you turn the pages you can almost hear

the children’s giggles,

Double-Dutch chants,

and the ice cream truck song.

Kathleen has provided a little preview for you

because seeing is believing.

Click the picture to go to You Tube.

Summer in the city

Isn’t it fantastic?

You can also do a “turn the page” preview by clicking {here}

It captures life in “summers gone by” in such a sweet way!

After reading this book,

I am about to go buy a pair of “jelly” shoes

and listen to some U2 on my  SONY “Walkman”.
There are so many ways you can get your hands on this book.

You can buy a hardback from {this} web site.

Teachers Pay Teachers has the eBook. Click {here}

The eBook comes with this amazing resource!

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We all love a freebie,

 so click the word freebie above, and 

get this crossword that captures the spirit of summer.

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With words like ice cream, streetlight, fireflies, and friends,

I am longing for those long and lazy days of summer.

Thank you, Kathleen, for letting me get the first glimpses of

your beautiful baby.

I am proud of you, I and am happy to give 

Summer in the City

RaVe ReViEwS.

This book is a treasure.

Children and parents alike will see themselves

on every page, and return to this book time and time again.

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