High / Low Linky Party

high low
Please join me in sharing your
highest and lowest moments/memories from January.
This will be a reoccurring linky party that will revolutionize blogging.
Well maybe not, but it will be fun and it will
give us a chance to get real about the lows in life
as well as the highs.
Here goes….
“Fasten your safety belts, Its going to be a bumpy ride.”-Betty Davis
HIgh (2)
I have to say one of the high moments of my January came
to me as a classroom creator for TpT.
My high was seeing American Heroes make it to #7 on the top 100 list.
I worked on it for months.
I mean months…
Like through Christmas break even…
Many dear and darling friends and family edited for me,
cheered me on,
you guys liked it! 
love it
You liking it was the best part!
Thank you for making that happen…
What a joy!

My low point was losing one of my students.
Well, losing him was not the low point.
{I am about to get really real with you. Are you ready?}
My low point was that  I was happy to see him move on.
Please don’t throw tomatoes.
I actually loved him, but he was soooooo much work.
No matter how much I gave him, it wasn’t enough.
No matter how many times I would reteach a concept,
he never scored more than a 50% on any given test.
Which would mean another re-teaching session.
He had every peer buddy in place…
sight words
I did 1 on 1 guided reading
I used every trick ….
You name it.
Plus, he hurt the other children in my class.
He would mutter mean things, pinch, and trip others.
Socially he was in pain and misery loves company.
He grew in tiny steps- barely measurable.
He was not special day, nor did he need RSP services,
He was just low, distracted, and busy.
He was wearing me out.
Then he moved.
Being soooo HAPPY to lose a student, made me so sad.
I felt horrible being happy, but I was happy.
I know that another teacher will pick up where I left off.
I know that I planted and watered and tended his little garden.
I am HAPPY to let someone else bring in the harvest (so to speak).
I am SOOO HAPPY that I feel sad.
But don’t cry of me Argentina….
Tell me all about your Highs and Lows of this month.
Share pictures… spill the beans… let that cat out of the bag!
Let us high five and hug you with the stories you share.
Let the comments you receive be your both
"Oscar Moment" and your free therapy.
Grab any and all of the graphics you want.
Link up, Link back, and comment out the person directly in front of you
and come on back to check out the person after you.
I love Farley’s Power of Three.
Here are your graphics.
You can also grab the “type onto” graphic
a-la Fraley style.
Farley, I love ya. Can you tell?????
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high low
HIgh (2)

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