On the 4th Day of Christmas….

I love that this picture is my picture for Greg's day, since now we call and text
 each other!  Greg is Mr. Kindergarten and he is a WHOLE lot of Fun! 
 His blog is the fabulous Smedley’s Smorgasbord.

I love his blog, but I adore being FB pals and die over his updates about mustache socks,
and the hats…. oh the hats….. and the horrible handsome Christmas sweaters. This is one
funny man, who loves teaching kinder, digs technology, and might have a serious
obsession with post-it notes.  Oh yes, I said it… Post-It notes.  I thought I was the only
one, but Greg is as crazy as me! Though my husband might beat all of us…

Greg and I thought you might not believe us.... a picture is worth 1.000 words.

 Be afraid!
Be very afraid,
Post-It Notes!

Now at some point this morning a little elf brought me a new hat.
Of course, I took a picture and sent it to my husband, whose phone rejected the photo because it is DUMB. I hate his phone! Boooooo- hissssssss.

Next up was to send the photo to Greg, who loves a good hat!
But then I get this photo back from Greg....

Now is that Sad Greg because my hat is better?
Or Mad Greg because he WANTS my hat?


Me think-s Greg wants my hat!
Greg also wants you to win a prize from his store  I love these three units…
but you will get  to pick the one you like the most!
 The last item pictured is actually a freebie.  I
just love the book “MOOSLETOE” {check, check, check, Perfectly Perfect}.
Measuring Christmas!Snow!  A Common Core Aligned Unit!Moosletoe Craftivity!

Here are a few things about my pal you might not know!

1. Greg is a newlywed. I have looked through all 800 of his wedding photos and it was one
fun par-tay!

2. He has a post it note obsession (Well, you know it by now for sure!)

3. He has spent 3 summers in South America visiting and teaching!

4. His classroom pet peeve is watching children put their hands in their mouth. 

{Did anyone just do an involuntary shutter or gag? I thought so. I know I did.}

5. Lastly, Greg’s favorite childhood Christmas memory is unwrapping brand-new
jammies each Christmas Eve. 

Do you want to win an item from Greg’s store? I know, Meeee too!
Here is how you can win.
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3. In your comment answer Greg’s question…
Greg wants to know your favorite piece of technology?
{Mine is my iPad, it was a gift from a super supportive parent! Can you believe it?!?}
{But I don't think I could even teach one day without my document camera and LCD}

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