On the 4th Day of Christmas….

I love that this picture is my picture for Greg's day, since now we call and text
 each other!  Greg is Mr. Kindergarten and he is a WHOLE lot of Fun! 
 His blog is the fabulous Smedley’s Smorgasbord.

I love his blog, but I adore being FB pals and die over his updates about mustache socks,
and the hats…. oh the hats….. and the horrible handsome Christmas sweaters. This is one
funny man, who loves teaching kinder, digs technology, and might have a serious
obsession with post-it notes.  Oh yes, I said it… Post-It notes.  I thought I was the only
one, but Greg is as crazy as me! Though my husband might beat all of us…

Greg and I thought you might not believe us.... a picture is worth 1.000 words.

 Be afraid!
Be very afraid,
Post-It Notes!

Now at some point this morning a little elf brought me a new hat.
Of course, I took a picture and sent it to my husband, whose phone rejected the photo because it is DUMB. I hate his phone! Boooooo- hissssssss.

Next up was to send the photo to Greg, who loves a good hat!
But then I get this photo back from Greg....

Now is that Sad Greg because my hat is better?
Or Mad Greg because he WANTS my hat?


Me think-s Greg wants my hat!
Greg also wants you to win a prize from his store  I love these three units…
but you will get  to pick the one you like the most!
 The last item pictured is actually a freebie.  I
just love the book “MOOSLETOE” {check, check, check, Perfectly Perfect}.
Measuring Christmas!Snow!  A Common Core Aligned Unit!Moosletoe Craftivity!

Here are a few things about my pal you might not know!

1. Greg is a newlywed. I have looked through all 800 of his wedding photos and it was one
fun par-tay!

2. He has a post it note obsession (Well, you know it by now for sure!)

3. He has spent 3 summers in South America visiting and teaching!

4. His classroom pet peeve is watching children put their hands in their mouth. 

{Did anyone just do an involuntary shutter or gag? I thought so. I know I did.}

5. Lastly, Greg’s favorite childhood Christmas memory is unwrapping brand-new
jammies each Christmas Eve. 

Do you want to win an item from Greg’s store? I know, Meeee too!
Here is how you can win.
Follow my blog and leave a Comment
1. Tell me the name you follow under
2. Tell me your email address
3. In your comment answer Greg’s question…
Greg wants to know your favorite piece of technology?
{Mine is my iPad, it was a gift from a super supportive parent! Can you believe it?!?}
{But I don't think I could even teach one day without my document camera and LCD}

Did you enter the BIG Giveaway???
33 Bloggers, Big Prizes, Loads of Loot....
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  1. I follow you under Special Teacher for Special Kids.

    My favorite piece of technology is the laminator and digital camera!!

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  2. teacup Debbie Minter
    My laptop computer is my favorite.

  3. Love Mr. Greg! He is so funny! I follow under gobstoppersrock and my e-mail is
    My favorite piece of technology is my laptop. I missed it terribly when it was being repaired for 2 weeks!
    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  4. I follow your blog (under Karyn). My favorite piece of technology is my laptop! I use it for stalking, creating, e-mail. My runner up is my Iphone...ok, maybe it's a tie between the two! :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  5. I follow under Sarah Hankinson.
    My favorite piece of technology is my laptop, especially when it's connected to my Smart Board in my classroom!


  6. I follow you as Cherie Mae Ong. My favorite piece of technology HAS to be my iPad!

  7. 1. Karen
    3. can't live without my smartboard!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  8. Lisa Mattes - Growing Firsties
    Document Camera (which means I also can't live without my smartboard)

    I have a big crush on Greg. I wanna be his fb friend, too!

  9. Wendy McCarty - 1stgradefireworks
    Documnet Camera.....can't live w/o it! :)

  10. Oooh I love you Katie!!! I'm so flattered by this post!!!


  11. I follow under Miss V's Busy Bees (otherwise known as Sara), my e-mail address is, and my THREE favorite pieces of technology are my Cricut and my laptop AND my iPad. I cannot choose just one! They're all so perfect :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  12. I follow as Bren P.

    My email address is

    My favorite piece of technology is my iPhone! Why I used a Blackberry for two years is beyond me! Well, almost 2 years, all was good til the dang trackball stopped working!

    Blackberry < iPhone

  13. Great Post and fabulous prizes!

    My favorite tech is my Promethean Board! My kinders love using it!

    Lanier's Kindergarten Lions

  14. I love my iPad! Checking my email is so much easier! I follow under rmariemuniz.

  15. Omg!! I just discovered Gregs blog (which is also my hubby's name) and am in LOVE! looks like I'm gonna love your blog too! My fav technology piece is my SmartBoard only bc my school iPad has been confiscated since last May because of server/Who knows what issues! Boo!!!

  16. Oops! I follow under lagmom9906

  17. I follow under "Cindy Del Valle" and my email is I wouldn't be able to live without my iPhone. I actually dropped in the toilet, not one, but TWICE! YIKES! I was so upset that I cried both times, LOL. Thank goodness for the rice trick!!!

  18. My fave technology is the iPad!

    I follow as Bex Mawn


  19. I follow as Becky from Compassionate Teacher.

    My favorite piece of technology is my classroom iPad!! I use it for centers, taking pictures, recording observations and conferences notes, taking notes at meetings etc. I love it.


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