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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Listen and Respond- Close Reading

Hello friends! I love the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar ! Don’t you? I mean how many copies do you have? I THINK I have 3 copies and the plush reading buddies to match. I wanted to offer you a fun little activity to do with this book.   I have included the video link too because my students love to watch the magic of You Tube!

Click the picture above to be linked to YouTube or click {here}.
I am loving that the Common Core focuses on close reading! But Close Reading can be confusing for many teachers and kids! Just remember the kids annotate by circling confusing words and underlining main ideas or important plot parts(literature). Have kids work with their table group to help each other on the confusing words. As a first grade teacher I remind them to connect to the text and ask questions.  I also ask text dependent questions that require evidence.  Now close reading can be far more complicated and in depth for older grades, but we teach littles. So let’s not be so complicated that we end up skipping the whole thing due to PTSD.

When you are close reading a book that you are reading out loud  it can be  little tougher, since the kids can’t all come up and write on your book. I suggest using post it notes so that you can mark their thinking. Plus, I created a“Very Hungry Close Read” so that my students could practice underlining the main idea/ important plot points since they cannot underline on the book.  I hope that this little page benefits your kiddos, and that they can find some added depth in this classic story! Here is how I do it.

Free close reading tips and book companion for The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Enjoy my dear ones!

Free- Close Reading of Very Hungry Caterpillar Freebie
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  1. I love this! Great idea to make a close read for read alouds! Cute Venn Diagram - the caterpillar and I both like to eat! Thanks for the freebie!

    Peggy @ Primary Flourish

    1. Peggy, thank you for the sweet comment! I adore you and value your opinion!

  2. Love this book, it's a classic! I love that your close reading activity would even work out for my struggling friends! Thank you!

    1. Oh our struggling readers! We have to do everything we can and pray it works!

  3. Anything Eric Carle I just eat up! I love this idea of a close read using a read aloud! Now to think of how to use this for 3rd and 4th graders! Thanks for the awesome post and idea!

    1. Kelli, could your 3rd and 4th graders pair up with a "little buddy" in 1st or second and ask text dependent questions? Then the buddy pair could flag the book with post-its that mark the evidence?


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