A Color of His Own Close Reading Gifted Resource

I am delighted to announce another close reading freebie! This goes with the book A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni.  I am obsessed with Close Reading and the real results it’s bringing to my student’s literacy. 

Since delving into close reading I have made these few changes that have yielded HUGE results.


1. When I choose a book I try to think of a right there question/ statement that can be answered/proved by the text or pictures. 

I write this question on a 3x5 card and tape it inside the book for future use.  If you remember my post on The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then you remember my question was, “How do we know the caterpillar is very hungry?”

2.  Mark student evidence or thinking with a Post-It note.

3. Remind kids that when they mark a picture for the evidence that they are making an inference and good readers read the pictures and make inferences. 

4. Point out and ask kids questions about awesome text features such as the author’s use of bold words, capitalized words, repeated phrases, and ellipses (…). I have begun making a BIG deal out of text features and how authors are so talented. You know what started to happen? The students began using these text features in their own writing! When a child can internalize a piece of literature and the take on an author’s spirit of story telling, that is literacy at its finest! 

5. Try to help the kids connect to the story in a real way. Ask connecting questions like, “If you wanted to find a friend, like our chameleon found his friend, where could you look on our playground?

Close Reading on a Paper Passage:

1. Kids love to interact, so let them interact with a paper passage by using highlighters or crayons.

2. Underline key points, main idea, or evidence

3 Circle words that are unknown and allow time for tables to work together to fill each others comprehension gaps

4. Let them write ideas in the margins

5 Always always always allow them and ask them to connect. They can do this by finding similarities and differences or answering an “If it was you____” kind of question. For example,  “If you were the very hungry caterpillar, what would you want to eat?” Or “If you were the chameleon, what color would you want to be? Why? What could you stand on it you wanted to be that color?”

Blog post all about classroom literacy, close reading, and writing- using the book A Color of His Own and tons of freebies
Grab these freebies and up  your classroom literacy with close reading- use the book A Color of His Own and these freebies
If you would like to find the paints I used, just head to Walmart. They are by Sargent and are only carried in store. Its is $2.97 for the set of 6.  When the containers are empty just refill. The containers alone are worth the money to me! They are bound together, and I actually like them better when they are half full because the q-tips can stand up inside without getting too much paint on them.
Close reading is a real joy! This one in particular is fabulous because I have also included writing and art. I chose to print the chameleon on Astrobrights Lemon Yellow paper because I wanted the paper to pop on my walls. I want to line the hallway with these so the kids can read them.  I NEEDED colored paper to pop off beige walls and draw them in.  Don’t you think the kids will become better friends when they read all about what other kids want and expect from them?  I think so too. 
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Close reading art and writing freebies for the book A Color Of His Own

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