How to cut an apple the easy way and an Apple Jacks Math freebie!

How to cut an apple the safe and easy way- Teacher to the Core

Oh how I love apple season! In first grade we do an entire apple day! You name it we do it! We make Apple sauce, do apple math, and of course apple tasting and graphing. I wanted to tell you how I slice apples since apparently I am a freak and cut apples differently than any of the room moms had ever seen before. I call it Apple Cheeks and it is the easiest and safest way to cut an apple! I hope this makes your apple tasting a little easier!

How to cut an apple the safe and easy way- Teacher to the Core

I love how the kids can stack their apples in their hands and really see the peels. I bring my big old knife to school in the bottom of a water bottle. The top wont fit on it , so I wrap it in cling film. The cling film keeps the knife in even when tipped upside-down and keeps the knife clean.

IMG_3244[1] IMG_3245[1]

All of this keeps me from getting cut and gets my knife home and back without damage to my purse or the knife.

This year I added Apple Jacks Math. I found this pin on pinterest and KNEW I had to do it! You can find the blog post written {here} from All Things Kids .com   This is a sweet blog and I found lots of fun ideas for my little man and my firsties alike!

Counting with Apple Cereal

I typed up a quick little set of apples. I could not decide if I wanted to do adding or even and odd. I ended up doing both over two days!


I need 1 box of Apple Jacks  for a each assignment. This year I have 24 kids. Each child also got to eat a BIG handful to eat on the way to recess. I plopped 2 plates in the center of each group. One plate of glue and one plate of Apple Jacks. They had an amazing time!


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If you are looking for some great September Freebies, click the picture below! Lots of my friends have joined together to bring you some amazing goodies!!!


Happy Fall Ya’ll !!!! I love this time of year!


  1. Thanks for the insight to Apple cheeks! I always use an apple corer and spend way too much. I have 26 this year...need to find some short cuts. Thanks for the freebies, can't wait to use them! :)

  2. Apple time at school is my favorite! I love anything apple-themed! I'm loving your tutorial on how to correctly slice apples. Seriously! Those slices are perfect! I'm about to go practice- no joke! Thank you so much for the wonderful freebie too! I'm just about to convince my family we need to take a little field trip to the apple farm. Hayride, fresh apples, giant apple bouncy house... fall heaven!

    1. Sarah, take me with you!!!!!!!!! I like hay rides!

  3. LOVE THIS! What a blessing. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Best Loopy Apple Slicer Corer Peeler ever

  5. Katie, thank you for your awesome blog! I saw you in the NL for hitting a milestone today....congrats!!!!! We'll deserved, you have helped so many teachers and students across the globe:) have a fun day Sunday! -Christina

  6. Love this!! Thanks for the freebies! It's so awesome that Johnny Appleseed Day is Friday! Makes for a really fun day right before the weekend! Linda Groce

  7. So fun! I love themed days like this!

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