Teacher Free For All of Sep. Freebies

It’s time for a “Teacher Free For All”.  These are freebies from my pals picked especially to meet your needs in September!
September Here is how this works. Simply click on any picture and you will be able to download the freebies.
This month I have 3 Feature Teachers that I just adore. They are Mel D, Lisa Mattes and John Hughes.  
Mel’s Freebie is PERFECT for Sep 11th. I am printing this TONIGHT and doing it with my “firsties” tomorrow!
Slide1  Lisa is a blogger that has heart, smarts, and humor all rolled into one. This girl and I have had some serious fun in July and I can tell you she is the REAL deal! The.Real.Deal!
Vegas in two weeks
Seriously, run don’t walk over to her blog and get excited about writers workshop and readers workshop! Plus if you click her header below she will tell you how to banish glare from your lamination (true story and a great tip).
Her Freebie is amazing too! As a matter of fact I just photocopied the pages from my Apple binder at school. I used them last year and they kids “ate them up”! Serious fun and fabulous learning!

Apple Freebie from Growing Firsties
My third “Feature Teacher” is John Hughes. This man is a real encourager and you can’t help but he happy reading his blog! This guy is an upper grade teacher who likes lifting people up!

His freebie is wonderful! My hubby, who teaches, 4th was very excited when he saw this and was equally thrilled to hear that John has a ton of “Order Up” tasks like this freebie in his store. It’s hard to find good engaging vocabulary based group work ands these “Order Ups” fit the bill!
   John even gave answer keys in case your Common Core brain is fried at the end of the day. Y’all an answer key is my best friend right now!
So let’s get this party really going and check out these amazing freebies from my other pals!
Science Interactive Notebook - Matter (Sampler)  Clipboard Challenge - Singular and Plural NounsSuper Readers Reading Comprehension Posters {FREEBIE}
Nursery Rhyme Super Pack Sample ~ Free  Step-by-Step CLOSE Read Posters for UPPER Elementary FREEBIE 
Missing Addend:  Shark AttackFall Themed Missing Factors and Multiples Page FREE!!image 
BACK TO SCHOOL FLUENCYBack to School Count & Graph  - Common Core Measurement & DataApple Time! Fact or Opinion I Spy {FREEBIE}
Student Information Sheet- spanish and english (pre-k,K,1,
Class IDIOM Book1
2   The Desk Arranging Problem   Short Vowel  Stories:  Meet the Short Vowels
5 6 7
8 9 10
11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18
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