GoNoodle Brain Breaks, Freebie, and Giveaway

GoNoodle is where it’s at people! If you are looking for a great way to give your kids smart brain breaks, then look no further than GoNoodle! I love this free site so much I am rockin’ the T-Shirt!!!!
Let me tell you all about the JOY GoNoodle has brought to my room!
  • My class, who dawdles through everything, is killing themselves to get to brain break time. No brain break until we are done with a given activity and all answers are correct.
IMG_7900 IMG_7907
  • I now have 20-25 minutes of extra time in my day because they are working so much harder and with greater accuracy!
  • Kids were more centered and focused.
  • They loved the school day more.
  • I loved the school day more.
  • They are happy, I am happy. Speaking of happy, here are our top 3 favorite brain breaks! Did you see the HAPPY song? We are in heaven!
  • Kids who had barely spoken all year and would not dance to music prior to GoNoodle were willing to dance and even break dance with the GoNoodle videos!
  • They did not get riled up and bounce off the walls all day either due to Air Time! Here is how Air Time works: Kids sit, delightful music plays, and they breathe. As they breathe in and out, they blow a bubble across the United States. It is mesmerizing.
air air 3 air 4
  • Air time settles them, rejuvenates them, helps them relax, and teaches them a fun fact about the US. They beg for Air Time. This picture was taken 10 seconds after dancing to the “Happy Song”. It is remarkable to see the instantaneous “settle” that comes over them.
I did air time at lunch one day, and let me tell you, it relaxed me too!
  • Go Noodle has brought us joy because the kids fall in love with their champ. They watch their champ change as the kids brain-break with him. My kids were so in love with “Freckles” (our champ) that they begged to do a “Draw & Write” lesson.  Of course, I did it with them and, of course, I have a freebie so your kids can do it too! Simply decide how many transformations you want to draw!
Did I mention your champ changes?
  • Oh yes, your champ changes!!!! And your kids WILL scream as he goes into the trans-morf-i-gigger thingy. He goes inside “Scrawny” and comes out “Brawny”! Your champ will even graduate after level 5! My students flipped over helping our champ get a diploma!!!
IMG_2534 image
If you want to draw your champ as he changes, I recommend this 1st page if you teach 1st graders. Simply fill in the champ level and draw.
Go Noodle Brain breaks freebie (6)
The pages below are a little more ambitious!
Go Noodle Brain breaks freebie (7)    Go Noodle Brain breaks freebie (8)
  • Drawing can be a great brain break too! I am no artist, but you are welcome to use the “Freckles” step-by-step included in the free download.
Go Noodle Brain Breaks Draw and Write 1 Go Noodle Brain Breaks Draw and Write 2 Go Noodle Brain Breaks Draw and Write 3 Go Noodle Brain Breaks Draw and Write 4
  • This resource is free and can be downloaded from Google Docs by clicking the graphic below.

  • Did I mention GoNoodle is FREE???? Yes, it is FREE and fun!!! There is a paid option, but I had the time of my life with the free version!!!
  • Your students will love picking a champ, dancing, running, and singing.
  • They will love growing and becoming academically stronger right along with their champ!
  • You will enjoy watching your students cut loose, knowing that air time will bring them right back down and center them for the next lesson you are about to teach them!
  • Research tells us that brain breaks actually make the kids more absorbent to materials presented to them.
  • GoNoodle gave us more fun in our day and better results! That’s why I love it!

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