Domestic Goddess Attempt {Painting}

The laundry room was horrid. It was the color "sidewalk chalk yellow" or "smoggy daffodil" I don’t know the name of the color, but I KNEW it had to go. Buh-bye bad and hello Tiffany Blue, thanks to Home Depot color matching!
Ok, I have some fun tips for my fellow DIY pals and aspiring Domestic Goddesses. Are you ready?
Tip #1: The Shur-Line Edger is a $4 wonder tool
IMG_8282 I am evangelical about this. You can edge your whole room in 20 minutes, The DIY angels are singing.
I love it!!! This is how we roll. I am no professional, but I get the job done. You want to work fast so that your edging line does not dry. I edge, the little guy below paints.
#2 Enlist all willing helpers, no matter the age (within reason).
A few more tips. #3 ventilate the room and #4 wear painting clothes.
I don’t mean clothes that can get dirty. I mean painting clothes. These are the clothes I wear every.single.time.I.paint. I keep them in the bottom drawer of my dresser along with a note to remind myself not to cuss during DYI because “It’s fun! Right??? RIGHT!!!” My top always stays clean, but the pants, oh the pants. I wipe my hands on them all day long!
Fun Tip #5 The Perfect Baseboard
#6 If you get a little paint on a white ceiling, just use a little white out to make it disappear.
The new machines have arrived, and I cannot wait to show you the fun decorating I have done in there!
Domestic Goddess “PAINTING A Room Badge” Earned!
Another fun painting project is furniture!
Dresser Makeover Refurbish Furniture