I love makeovers! If I could go on that show “What Not to Wear” I would be in heaven! But they can’t cut my hair… I do not like a hair makeover!
I am so excited to show you 2 make overs that I did this week.


I got a 1950s dresser off of Craig’s List ($50) and did my best to turn it into a “construction zone dresser” This was the paint I used. ($30 for the gallon of white and $13 for the quart of orange.) Do you see that little dreamboat on the right??? That's my Kinderbear ! He was my helper extraordinaire!

Dresser Makeover Refurbish Furniture

What do you think????? My little guy loves it and it fits the theme. This is his trucks room.  When we moved into our new house, I told him I would paint truck on his wall.  He is still asking me to paint a firetruck, but we are out of wall space. I’ll post soon on easy ways to transform your walls with a coloring book, a few photocopies, and $1.00 tubes of paint.


This little baby needed some work! It was my second TpT product and I have learned a lot!

Learning to regroup

Of course, it has a darling new cover, but we all know that beauty is only skin deep. I beefed up the unit by adding more activities, 2 art projects, plus I included a BoNuS super hero themed Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Unit ! 

Super Hero Success Two Digit Addition With and Without Regrouping Unit

I actually do both art projects. I let the kids decide who they want to create.  I have half of the kids silent read while I do art with the other half. Then we flip-flop. Of course, you know how it goes. I do art with the boys and then art with the girls because the boys choose Captain America and my girls choose Wonder Woman. I also use the art for Mother's Day and Father's Day cards! As a BoNuS, you get my unit “My Parents Are Super Heroes”
If you already purchased the math unit, simply download again.

This same art project gets placed on 4X6 white cards and turned into mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards.
Mother's Day and Father's Day  Cards
Wonder Woman for Mom.
Captain America for Dad.

Most traditional schools let out before Father’s Day. If that is the case, just do Father’s Day at the same time as Mother’s Day. I would ask mom to store the card at home, so that Dad doesn't get left out over summer break. Of course I do not have this problem. I am a year round teacher and that means I teach until June 29th.... the bitter end!

Now if you don’t need an adding unit, you can get just the art and
adjective goodies as a separate unit. Kids describe their mom and dad using a list of adjectives that they color, cut, and glue to the inside of their card.

Super Hero Mother and Father's Day Cover

Super Hero Parents download

Now if you don’t need an adding unit, you can get just the art and
adjective goodies in the unit My Parents Are Super Heroes.

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Rave Reviews for the Super Hero Units
Doesn't it help to know what other customers think? I think it does. I mean I figure anything that Oprah likes I will like too.  Now Oprah is not buying my units, but other discerning buyers are. Here is what they are saying.

I have a few home makeover posts coming your way! I just redid my laundry room! My inspiration was a “Tiffany’s box”. If you could makeover any room in your house what would it be?