A Freebie, A Sale, A Meet up {Busy Girl}

I love Spring Break, I am telling you. Serious fun is had by all! We have been playing and getting ready to celebrate Easter.  So that means decorating and special jammies. Thank you to Chasing Fireflies for these darling bunny PJ’s! Seriously, you are making every holiday in our house so fun!
Spring also means making chocolate dipped Easter eggs!!!
Did you know you can buy a giant Rice Krispie treat!?! I picked it up at my local cake decorating shop along with the dipping chocolate, but you can buy it here too. I only paid $12. So shop around. The size alone was fun worthy and worth the price! Simply cut, dip, and decorate. Darling!
  IMG_7792  IMG_7776
I used Wilton gel tints to color the chocolate.  I get mine at Hobby Lobby. 40% off coupon, yes please! Thank you again to Chasing Fireflies. My little man has worn the jammies every night this week.  They are in one of three places at all times, the washer, drier, or on him!
Chasing 1 
This sweet time of year also means that it’s time to get Spring going in all of our classrooms. You must check out this post from last year. It has got more freebies and Spring You Tube songs. 
I am going to add this little baby to the mix this year. Click the picture to download it.
Easter Freebie
My language learners are struggling this year in a way that is new to me. They are kind of resistant to learning. Like allergic to it.  Their vocabulary development is lacking especially when it comes to writing.  So I came up with this way to help them acquire vocabulary and practice writing it. They love the spinners. Maybe the interactive nature will help the words go into their hearts so that they can get into their writing journals later. Fingers crossed people. We are hoping for TRANSFER of skills.  My kids are addicted to spinners. We use Annie’s bundle of spelling spinners every single day!
I have also been cleaning up piles around my house too.  It’s a constant battle! But you remember the guest room from my post 7 Tips to Purge Your Home Of Clutter.
Shameful, I know. But I have moved beyond embarrassment to pride and joy. It’s almost ready to be fully photographed. My hubby has promised to go through the last of the piles next week. I have my little office corner all “purdy” for Spring and the bed is rid of piles!
IMG_7896 A whole bunch of my bloggy buddies are Spring Cleaning too. We are Spring Cleaning our TpT wish lists! That’s right. We are cleaning out our wish lists, right into the shopping cart for the Spring Cleaning Sale! 
Shopping Basket
These are the units that I am using in April, May, and June
You can click the covers of these unit in my right sidebar -----> to read the blog posts or click the pink links to go directly to TpT.
Double Digit Math Learning to Regroup:
Fluency Units: Include passages, question pages for comprehension, assessment, and or close reading, writing prompts, and art
Grammar: More Than One
Behavior management: Shout Outs.
Comprehension and Fluency101 hit #22 in the top 100 this week!!!
Science: Sink or Float is so darn fun as a collaborative learning lesson.
Speaking of blogging buddies, I made a whole bunch of new friends.  They are So. Cal instagram ninjas! #SoCalMeetUp!!! Woot-woot! I adore these women!
IMG_7831 These women have hearts as big as Texas and enough talent to fuel a rocket ship! Here are my new friends.  Many are new to blogging, but I have to tell you there is something to remember about someone new.  They have new ideas and new vision. It’s refreshing and full of joy! Get ready to meet some new friends and enjoy some of us oldies too!
Cheryl From Auntie's Sweet Life
Courtney from Ramona Recommends
Kristen from Easy Teaching Tools
Lauren from A Teachable Teacher
Caitlin from Teach Inspire Change 
Stephanie from Teaching in Room 6
Katie (Me)
Angela from Lights Camera Teach
Janice @1islandlover
Jessica @jgpreece
We met at Cheesecake Factory and each place setting had darling swag that got the event going!
IMG_7824 IMG_7826
IMG_7828 IMG_7825
These are our hostess!
Courtney & Kristen
Thanks for your hard work ladies!!!
Look at these sweet teachers!!!
These two  {above} drove from Northern California!!!!
Too Too Too Much Fun!

Well, I am off for some more Spring Break fun in the form or Cosmic Mini Golf! Happy Shopping & Enjoy the freebie!