Spring brings things that make me sing

Blossoms and animal babies.
Longer and warmer days.
Plus, let’s get real…. it’s time to start the countdown to SUMMER!
There is an energy that spring brings, and it makes me sing!
That’s what this science-y song is about! 

Just click the picture and it will have you singing for days!

I am reading some non-fiction spring books this week and working on a 
“Facts” bulletin board with my little loves.  OK, the first book is not non-fiction, but at least my first graders will know that the bears do wake up!

Then we are going to brainstorm our spring facts and write. We are also going to work on our math facts to 10 and 20. If you want to work on spring facts too, well then, join me using this freebie!  I made spring inspired polka dot board letters for you if you want to create a bulletin board too.
Download now
I used the freebie above and some dollar bin wrapping paper to make a darling bulletin board.
Wrapping Paper Bulltein Board


I hope you had a fabulous Easter. I know we did… even though our kid-o woke up before the Easter Bunny arrived! 

I KNOW!  There Goes Easter!

He wakes up at 6:25 every day! Rain or shine, Saturdays, holidays, spring forward, fall back, 6:25.  We have to wake him up on Christmas morning for Pete’s sake. The kid does not deviate from his schedule. EVER.  Today he woke up at 5ish!  Whaaaaat?  Are you kidding?  The hubs and I are quick thinkers.  My hubby “hopped to it” literally.  He moved his bunny butt faster than lightening! I noticed that it was still dark out, so I helped the kinderbear go potty and took him back to bed and began convincing him that it is the middle of the night. There was some singing and 30 minutes of back rubbing until he went back to sleep.  I kind of went back to sleep with him, until he grabbed me {scarring me to DEATH}! He began to mumble about the bad dream the JUST had. He had been asleep 55 seconds?!?!  So now my heart is pounding and in bounds the Easter Bunny/ Daddy to “wake us up”.  

If you want to read an LOL post, you have got to read my husband’s take on the whole thing.   Seriously, the man has got a way with words! Click {here}.


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