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Lesson Prep:
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So are you ready?
Let’s teach some brilliant students all about President’s Day.
Presdient's Day mini book & graph1bWhy do we love Presidents’ Day?

6 words!

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln
No school!
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George Washington was our first President and thefirst President we are going to talk about!

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On a post it, white board, or paper write what you think will happen
What do you think his father said or did?
let's Find OUT!
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The next president we are going to explore is Abraham Lincoln. He is our 16th president and one of the most 
beloved presidents of all time.

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Here are real pictures of their coins.

Here are real pictures of their paper money.

Here are some other fun facts about these two amazing presidents. They both have large monuments built in their honor.

This is the Washington Monument

This is the Lincoln Memorial
They both appear on Mount Rushmore.Mount Rushmore is a huge mountain where faces of famous presidents have been carved into the sides. 

George Washington is the first face.

Abraham Lincoln is the last face.
It took 14 years to carve the faces of these presidents.

  • 400 people worked on this project.
  • It cost almost 1 million dollars to finish.
  • $989,922
  • That’s a whole lot of quarters and pennies!

Are you ready to sing a little song about
 President’s Day????

Click {here} to go to You Tube


These are the men we remember on Presidents’ Day.

When did this holiday begin?

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This is a picture of where our lawmakers come together to discuss and make decisions.
They will take votes to make final decisions.

We are going to take a vote on our favorite President.Sometimes a vote is called a poll.

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What can you remember?

Presidents' day Test1Presidents' day Test2

I like to do this “open book” on the same day we read the book for the first time. I teach my first graders how to go back into the text and find the answers.  It’s a joyful experience and rigorous learning!
But this test can also be given after reading the book multiple times.

Click {here} to download the test from Google docs.
These art projects are available {here} along with power passages and timelines for Abe, Lincoln, MLK, Appleseed, and other American Heroes.
Happy President’s Day!