Rocking Around TpT - Lyrics rewritten in honor of Cyber Monday!


In the spirit of playing around with holiday favorites… I have rewritten the lyrics to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.
Why? I’m not really sure! But it was fun!
To be sung to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
Rockin’ around TpT, 
at the Cyber Monday Sale!
Wish lists are bursting at the seams
Computer’s movin’ like a snail.
Rockin’ around TpT
let the register cha-ching!
I’m gonna score amazing units
and do some good teaching.
You will get a sentimental
when you hear,
Your admin has made you,
of the Year!
------------------------------ (major applause)---------------------------

I cannot guarantee you Teacher of the Year, but these units are amazing for building reading comprehension and hitting contractions.
New CoverSanta Contractions
Those are a MAJOR focus for the month of December in first grade!
New Cover
Reading Comprehension is huge! These pages really hone the skills of imagining what you read/ thinking about the words you read/ mental images.
Mental images 2
Daily Reading Comprehension Builders
On direct instruction days we do this together and then reread together. We color the star if we are confident that our picture matches the words. 
On independent days their buddy will color the star if the student has read carefully and followed the directions. This is very motiving to my readers!
Mental Images 3
Daily  Comprehension builders
Pages grow in complexity.
Daily comprehenion building
I am telling you that the reading accuracy goes through the roof in my classroom. Fluency words per minute increases, Accelerated Reader quiz percentages are higher, and kids jump several reading levels after a month of these daily activities! Because the pages are short and sweet half sheets, they keep the kids attention. This is saying something this time of year with visions of sugar plumbs dancing in their heads…
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Santa Contractions
I lllluuuuuuuuv Santa. Really luuuuuvvvv him.
He is easy to prep… no tracing and the activities that go with him are SMART! The read and label page gets them reading and thinking about contractions. Kids hitch up the sleigh by matching contractions and then using their favorite contraction in a sentence. I use the last page as an assessment. 
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