Winners and Linking Up

Our “Life is Better with Friends” was such a fun giveaway.

I loved reading about your best friends

in the comments section on my blog!

We are truly lucky to have friends come alongside and bless us!

I was going to write about all my human best friends,

but decided against it. I would hate to leave anyone out.

But I have to mention my blogging buddy Daisy.

Otherwise know as


Daisy Lynn Spears



Sharky (She might have a couple rows of teeth)

I wish I was kidding…


Daisy is with me, sitting on my lap, face resting on the

keyboard all the time. Half the time I can’t really type,

so I pet her instead. This is her plan. 

She is silly, wildly happy, and loves to snuggle.

She lays on my chest and rests her muzzle in the hollow on my neck.

I can literally feel my stress melt when she does this.

I am so thankful for her, just like I am so thankful for

all the people in my life who brighten my day and

give me the chance to grow.

Because “ Life is Better with Friends”


Speaking of…. we have a winner! Four winners!

Each of us picked a winner from our blog and here is mine!

Mrs. Brown, you will be getting lots of goodies in your inbox.

Winner March 3

And now Farley’s “Currently Link Up”

New currently

Listening to Curious George:

Curious George and Scooby Doo are the sound track to our home.

Well, that and a lot of loudness from the “boys”. I am so thankful for

PBS and the makers of Curious George for providing some smart TV.

Thinking about: Hobby Lobby… are there words?


If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby or know what I am talking about,

your bank account thanks you.

It is a MEGA warehouse of all things Home Décor,

crafting of all sorts, and fabrics….

I am returning a few things today and will

come home with a ton more… I just love it!

Wanting: New jammies.

This is not a picture of me and that is not my butt!

I wish!!!!!!!!

But I do sleep in yoga pants.

I call them my “No-Ga” clothes because I don’t actually do yoga.

My favorite pair has a hole… and I am tho thad, tho beary thad!

So I need to get new jammies….

Needing: to exercise… maybe yoga { ha ha ha }

I think I’ll start with this pose. What? She makes it look so easy.

Like, Love, Hate all beginning with a “K”

Farley it’s Saturday morning!!!

I can't think on Saturday mornings!

I did the best I could with them all beginning with the /k/ sound!

Like: quiet …… who doesn’t?

Love: kisses and kissing… I won’t elaborate

Hate: Krispy Kreme Thighs

Yah! “Happy all around”

all around….. my middle….. my legs and my cankles!

I love Krispy Kreme………….LOVE…… but I just can’t eat one!

How about you?

What do you LOVE to indulge in???


  1. Love your blog design, I have a thing for polka dot and hot pink together! Daisy is so cute.. We lost our sweet puppy over the summer and our whole family misses her so much. I think we will get a new doggie this summer.... can't image training a puppy during the school year!
    Kickin' It With Class

  2. Love your blog. Love Hobby Lobby..we have one just a town over so it's great! Daisy is adorable..I wish I had seen your blog earlier so I can brag about my beagle! :) LOL He's on my lap right now as I type....

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  3. First off, I love your blog title! Does it take just 1 spoonful of sugar?
    I think I have some Krispy Kreme thighs. They keep selling the Krispy Kreme BOGO cards @ my son's school. We have already gone through 1 card this year! So, I need to exercise too. There is a treadmill and elliptical downstairs who used to call my name every now and then, but they have given up! I think about it a lot, though. Does that count for something?

    1. Thinking about it counts for sure!!!! Listen it takes more than one spoonful of sugar for sure... And when it gets stressful I start shoveling in the sugar via snickers and Starbucks! Forget sweet curriculum, which I do ... But sometimes it's "you finish your math and ill give you a Skittle!" How's that for sweet! Oh and just for clarification sake I eat the snickers and Starbucks... Kids get skittles. Hahaha...

  4. LOVE your new blog design girl! SUPER cute.

    I also LOVE Hobby Lobby... you forgot to tell everyone in blog land that everything is ALWAYS on sale! Swoooooon. It's so awesome. I always leave there $100 broke-r and thinking I'm about to change the world through crafting.

    Have a great weekend :-)
    Closing the Gap... in a Cute Outfit!

  5. I'm so sad we don't have a Hobby Lobby in the Bay Area. Daisy's a doll!

    Happy Weekend!
    Lucky to Be in First

  6. Hahah! I chuckled all the way through your post :)
    I LOVE Hobby Lobby - my wallet is always a lot lighter when I come out though...

    I miss Krispy Kreme! I grew up in the South, but have now moved to the northeast where Krispy Kreme is no more. They tried to branch up north, but it was just about the time when the Atkins Diet was uber-popular, so you can see why that delicious idea failed...

    Joy in the Journey

  7. Still Laughing, friend. No-ga pants...KKThighs...Daisy...Hobby Lobby ya, girl!
    Growing Firsties

  8. Replies
    1. Oh Tania... I will shop for at Hobby Lobby. I will think of you when I go in to buy $4 ribbon and spend $350 on baskets full of joy... and forget to buy the ribbon. I will think of you my dear!

  9. Hehehe - hobby lobby... right there with you sister... :)


  10. I just found you from the Linky! I also have a bloggy buddy that I posted about as well! Aren't they just the best? They want our attention so bad!! :)

    1. Is that your little blog buddy on your lap? Oh I love!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have been to Hobby Lobby but what do you usually get there? I am trying to find a new craft or purchase since I often don't do that for myself!! I indulge with any carb food that's bad lol Chinese food or pizza or spaghetti :P I am starting to love sweets too!

    1. I usually buy decorations for my house. It's bigger than our last 3 homes so I have space to fill up. I also usually get scrap booking paper too!

  12. Totally love Hobby Lobby too. I do everything I can not to step foot in there. I save up my visits- to Target and hobby stores- until I HAVE to go. Otherwise, I buy WAY too much!!!

    1. My husband and I realized we had a TON of money in our account at the end of a month... we could not figure out why there was so much left over!!!?? We looked over our account, and we realized that we had not been to target in a month! What a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. So excited! Just saw this post...can't wait to get the goodies in my inbox!

    Thanks so very much!


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