Southern California Blog Meet Up

Tis’ the Season for Meet-ups!

I was reading blogs and people were meeting up left and right.

Chicago, Cincinnati, Southern Belles, and Wisconsin Gals!

I had “meet-up” envy.

 I was green with meet-up envy!

So I called

Kate of Second Grade Sparkle 

and we decided

that we should put one together for our So. Cali blogger pals.

In less than 2 emails we were up and running!

Meet up

If you are a So. Cal blogger,

we would like to invite you to join us!

The event will be in the O.C. and you will be emailed the location

after you complete the online Google doc by clicking the picture

Click here

The Google Doc. asks for

your first name only
(in case you have a secret blog identity)

( so we can tell you where to meet us)

blog title & blog button code
( for name tags)

Easy Peezy!

We can’t wait to meet up with you!

To help everyone get to know you better, link up your blog

to our “Guest List Linky”

Click the picture to link up with Kate at Second Grade Sparkle!

Guest List Linky

There will be raffles at the event for those who linked up and completed 

the Google Doc, plus a third raffle just because giving stuff away is fun!