I Can’t Print My Download from TpT!

Have you ever said those words? “I can’t print my TpT file!” Me too. The very first person, who bought my very first unit could not print it.  This happened because the file has lots of graphics. I freaked! I emailed TpT and paced the floor until they emailed back. It was an easy fix! Click this before you click that, and then click OK. Ta-Da my printer started humming… Life was good.   

Here is what to do!

Printing Large PDFs

Let’s break this down!


Printing Large PDFs 2


Printing Large PDF Files 3

3. and 4.

Printing Large PDFs 4

The “Advanced Screen” disappears after you click OK.

Printing Large PDFs 5

I hope this helps.  There is nothing more annoying than trying to print a file and it won’t work. No need to break out into a sweat. No need to cuss (though it can fun). Just follow these easy steps and you will be set.