High / Low Linky Party

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I cannot believe the month of March is almost over!!!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously!!!! Time is flying and I need my pilot’s license to keep up! It’s time for us to share our highs and lows for the month.  Here are your graphics to grab and use as you choose. 


HIgh (2)

The high and low of month happened for me within seconds.  Sometimes life is like that.
HIgh (2)

My sweet sister in law gave birth to her first child. You could not find a more excited aunt than me. Serious joy swells in me!



Oh she is so sweet. I am glad I have been on vacation and can slip over and snuggle both of them and take pictures! Oh my gosh she is to die for! I got to see her 27 minutes after she was born!
27 minutes!


Now the low point of the month came for me while visiting my sister in the hospital 27 minutes after she gave birth.  My own experience giving birth bubbled up with all the joy I felt for my sister.  I wrote all about having a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit {here}.  To say that my sister’s story and mine were different is an understatement. This was the real low point of my life, I kind of relived it in March… But God is so good and has provided me new comfort and insights. For as sick as my Jackson was, he is fantastic now.  He is the source of so many of my highs!


I do realize that this is a picture of a picture…I do realize this is nerdy! But I wanted you to see my healthy handsome son. He has never been so handsome as he is right now.  He has lost his two front teeth and he is my shiny new penny!  As a matter of fact, every morning I scrub his little face, teeth, work magic on his hair, and slather him with sunscreen. After all this mothering,  I yell out to my house, “Shiny new penny”.  My husband comes to see him, taking in our little masterpiece and declares that he is, “So handsome!”. This is our routine and how we send him off into the world of kindergarten each day. Some days he comes home looking like a penny from 1776, but his retelling of the day make it soooo worth the laundry nightmare.


It’s only dirt… and God made dirt so dirt don't hurt.  But let me tell you, the dirt at his school is bionic dirt. His school dirt laughs in the face of "Oxy-Clean", bleach, and Shout.  This shirt never came clean. At least my boy knows how to have a good time! Boys should be dirty! My husband's grandma used to say a boy can soak up an entire tub of clean water and still come out dirty. She said it with a sense of wonder and pride!  She knew how to let her sons dig a hole to China and let them climb a rope and ring a bell on the second story of her house. She knew how to raise men!  Can I hear an AMEN?

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Please feel free to join me and link up your highs and lows of your month. I can’t wait to read them!

Rules: Share as many highs and lows as you want.  Use the graphics of your choice. Link up and link back to this post.  Farley's rule of 3 applies. Read the two in front of you, and come back and read the one after you.