Burning down the house…almost

The Food Network show Chopped saved my life. Well, not really my
life, just my kitchen. You see, today I set my kitchen on fire. Yeah,
you read that right. I set my kitchen on fire. Not the whole kitchen
just the oven and here is how a Chopped chef saved my bacon.


You see on the show Chopped this chicky-poo chef had set her pan on fire. The pan was screaming hot and then she added oil to it.
What a rookie, right?
When she added the oil....
FIRE... not a little fire... a lot of fire!
And we all know setting the kitchen on fire during a Food Network competition is a bad thing. It does not matter if you are on the show Chopped or the show Worst Cooks in America. A general rule applies...

Fire = Bad


The same rules apply in your own kitchen.
On Food Network the chef took a giant bowl of salt and dumped it
on the fire… all better… Guess what… it works!

So here's what happened in my house.
I was cleaning the kitchen like a good domestic goddess, and I needed to stow away a plastic bin filled with a mini blender, protein bars, and protein shakes. Are you seeing a theme protein... mamma wants to drop 5...

The bin seems to live on my counter and instead of setting the bin on the floor, to wipe the counters… I put it in the oven….
Makes sense right?

I mean, if I had set it on the floor where would I put it when I was mopping?!? I’m always thinking ahead! Now I stick things in the oven all the time, but I don't forget to get them out.
This time I did.

My hubby was making a delicious batch of brownies with eggs (protein), and he was preheating the oven when we saw the flames.
Like a lot of flames.

My kindergartner started screaming, and the smoke alarms began working their magic. I was frozen for a full 30 seconds.
Thoughts raced through my head…
God please help me! I set the kitchen on fire!…
Did I really just do this????…
Do I belong on the show Worst Cooks in America????…
Oh my gosh! I'm never going to live this down !!!!


My feet are FROZEN to the floor, but the heat from the flames thaws them! So I snap out of it and begin to move. I grab on my elbow length kitchen mitts, grab the burning and melting mess, pull it into a Pyrex, run it to my front porch, run back, and throw an entire box of salt on the flames.

IMG_9526    IMG_9603

I guess I won't be earning my domestic goddess badge this
month…Though I did earn my oven cleaning badge…Look at the shine on that baby!