Little Ladybugs

Oh, I adore these little lovelies!


My husband, who grew up gardening,

remembers buying thousands to release in his

parents’ rose garden.

Maybe this year we will do the same

in our backyard. We don’t have any roses, but I love the idea of our

yard being filled with these little babies.

I love teaching about ladybugs in a “science-y” kind of way.

Their name also lends nicely to a compound words study.

And so I bring you….

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 Compound Words Anchor Chart


12 Page Full Color Compound Word Class Lesson & Library book

Teaches that 2 words come together to make a new word.

Also teaches that many/ most compound words

retain the meaning of the smaller words found within.

A bluebird is a bird that is blue.



Compound word picture cards & 2 syllable word picture cards

Discriminating between compound words and 2 syllable words

Center Sheet/ Assessment

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Ladybugs Informational Reading

Ladybugs Science Test

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Smart Chart and Writing Pages

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Ladybugs Smart Art

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So are you ready to Teach With Me?

Below you will find

Links to videos
and a
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There are over 5,000 types of ladybugs in North America.

The most common is red with 7 spots on its back.

But here are ladybugs you might also see.

Ladybugs eat aphids and other insects that hurt plants.

That is why farmers love ladybugs!

Can you see the ladybug {below} eating up the aphids?

Ladybugs lay their eggs under leaves.

You know they are ladybug eggs because the eggs are in a row.

A ladybug can lay up to 1,000 eggs in her lifetime.

When her eggs hatch they are called larvae.

Some people think they look like little alligators.

What do you think?

The larvae will eat like crazy and shed its skin several times.

Then the larvae will become a pupa.

The pupa looks like it is asleep, but it is changing a lot inside its shell.

The pupa stage can last from 2 days to 2 weeks.

At last al ladybug will emerge from its shell.

She will find a mate and begin to lay eggs!

A ladybug’s life is a cycle or a circle of events.

To watch a great video about the ladybug life cycle,

click the picture below.

{Teacher note: There are no photos of mating.}

lb video[5]
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The Smart Chart above is available as a freebie

in the “preview download on TpT”

Download now
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Compound words are too fun.

What could be better than 2 words squashed together to create

a new and better 2 syllable word?

snow + man = snowman
But that’s not where the learning stops.

Think further about what the compound word means

Snow shaped together to make a man!

Not every two syllable word is a compound word.


is a compound word because it has 2 stand alone words inside.



Think through these next few words together.

Are they compound words?

pencil…….yes no

ladybug…….. yes no

basketball……. yes no

lobster….. yes no

Compound Word Boogie (Hokey Pokey)
Click the Pic.

Compound word song 1[5]

Head on over to {TpT} to get Little Ladybugs and

let’s {cyber} Team Teach!

Compund Ladybug_thumb[2]