Who is this chick?

I was a wild kid… Lots of energy… 

Teachers probably wanted to sedate me...

 I am sure my mother refused them.

About me 6

But I loved school and I wanted to be the teacher.

The picture below  is my second grade self 

getting to write the date on the board. 

I was so so so proud, and I did my very best printing!
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Now, I am the teacher and half the time I don’t change

the date until a kid says something like,

“How long is it going to be February 5th?” 

So I change the date, and I give the kid who noticed a Skittle….

Hush money…. just keeping it real.

 I grew up and married a great guy. I mean seriously great.

We are not perfect, but like Peanut Butter and Jelly,

we are perfect for each other....

Oh, we have our days! We are on World War 316,   but

 I would chose him all over again!

 All about me 14
We moved about a million times (really 5 times in 10 years)

until we bought this house 4 minutes from our schools.

4 minutes…. the commute is killer!

I love our house and I adore decorating it. 

I paint murals on my walls using an LCD projector because

I cannot draw to save my soul.

 But I am an OK painter.

My pocketbook can't keep up with my ideas!

#target , #hobbylobby,  and #homegoods  take all my money.

About me 10.2

These are our shih-tzu children… yes I said it…

I am the mother to furry children.

Meet Poppy and Daisy, my flower girls.

I only wish they were covered under my HMO plan

because vet bills are not cheap.

About me 8

In 2006 our sweet son was born.

It was a horrid pregnancy.

I went into labor a couple times a month, 

so I was on bed rest for a looooong time.

Jackson was born at 36 weeks,

 but soooooo, sooooo, sooooo, sick.

 I mean really..... [ wipe a tear ]..... sick.....  

He spent 18 days in the N.I.C.U.

I wrote a post about my experience {here}.

To say the NICU is life changing is an understatement.

About me 9

 Now he is healthy, happy, and at-grade level in academics and maturity.

He is not a NICU baby anymore, but I will forever be a “NICU Mommy”.

It changes you. My husband said it best in his post called {NICU Daddy}.

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My grandma says rough beginnings make, 

for great endings... I believe her.

For such a rough start, 

Jackson has made up for it in personality plus.

He is a chatterbox who says the funniest stuff. 

Thank God his teachers have a sense of humor!

The picture below is by far my favorite picture of my son. 

He was 4 and said,

Really big sungalsses
“Mommy these are really big sunglasses.”

Quite frankly, I wish they were bigger sunglasses,

but that is another story.

Beach boyAbout me 5

I adore the beach and I loath laundry.

I mean really LOATHE it.

It's not uncommon for me to just 

not do laundry until my family

 tells me they are wearing their

 LAST pair of underwear. 

Eventually, I do the laundy, 

because nakedness outside the bedroom is not an option.

This family picture would be really awkward without clothes. 

When I am not teaching full-time,

I speak at conferences. 

I adore sharing ideas, and I'd love to meet you in real life. 

Click on the workshops tab- and see where we can meet up! 

So that’s my story… 

simple girl

 faithful believer

often a whimsical disaster on wheels

 a teacher to the core 

 (both Common Core and deep down to my toes)

 truth teller



 and aspiring domestic goddess.

Domestic Goddess? 

I try to be as magical as my grandmother 

and make our home a place 

where everyone wants to come back to.

One of my favorite magical-mommy 

moments was the day "Santa" brought a 

puppy in October. Santa left him on the doorstep 

in a basket. There was even fake snow... #magic.

If you like what you see, 

join me!

Oh buckle your seat belt,

because it’s going to be a delightfully, bumpy ride!

I don't pretend to be perfect and I always share my classroom 

pitfalls so you can avoid them!

By the way, what is your least favorite chore?

Do you hate laundry like me?