Feeling “Preppy” and a Freebie

One of my New Year’s goals is to not leave things undone.

This means finishing what I started, but also means closing out my

school day ready for the next.

So I’m feeling “preppy”.

Not the fashion look, but the peaceful

feeling that comes with being prepped for the next day.

I have been prepping my

1770-2013 timeline.

I am beside myself with excitement to put up the

13 American Heroes and get my kids reading the fluency passages

for each hero! Every Friday I’m going to put a Social Studies grade

in the grade book too!

MLK week is going to be my kick off… I’m giddy, I tell ya’ GiDdY!



American Heroes is on TpT if you want to check it out.

I have a freebie for you!


So this is all prepped and so is my hibernation experiment.

We are doing our lock down drill tomorrow, so instead of letting the

kids be freaked out…. I’m going to do wild, energetic science.



I will fill each jar with tap water and a thin pat of butter.

The hibernating bear's butter should be COLD water since their

body temp drops dramatically.

The awake bear should have warm bath water temp, since

awake animals are usually about 104 degrees or more.

The butter represents the stored fat that each bear has in his body.


The jar that is labeled the “hibernating bear” will go untouched

and his butter will remain intact and ready to keep him alive all winter.


I will give the “awake bear” jar to my hyper first graders.

They will shake the jar like only small children can.

I will play the song “Shake Your Booty”

and substitute in the word butter for booty….

*       *        *      a break from science talk    *         *        *         *   
We will pretend that we are not on lock down.

We will be so busy shaking our booties butter,

that not one child will have to go potty!

That’s the plan.

Because they are not allowed to go potty during

the lock down drill…

which admin announces over the speakers…

so power of suggestion……!

“Why can’t I go potty Mrs. Knight?!?!”

“Why? Why, you ask?”

Because we are pretending a psychopath is on campus with a gun.
Because we are pretending the world has really come to this.”
Because I have a plan if this ever really happens
and we are all going to make it!”

Because Mrs. “Thus and So” said you can’t go potty right now,

and she is the Big Boss, so I have to listen to her.

But here is a skittle. Let’s read a book.”

So hibernation science will be a great distraction!

No need to go potty when you are having fun.

*      *       * science talk resumes     *      *      *

The shaking will break up the butter.

This will illustrate how a bear who

is awake roaming, ice-skating, and making snow

angels will use up his energy.

Once he is hungry he will find out too late that the food supply is gone.

I gently point out, that without food the bear WILL die.

{cue mad scientist laughter}

(not really)

And that is why bears and other animal hibernate during winter.

Then, we fill out our science journal 

(from my unit Mammals of the Woods).
Hibernation journal 2

All the goodies you see above are for you, my sweet peeps!

I hope you enjoy them!

Leave me a comment telling me if you downloaded.

It makes me feel sooo good knowing that

other people are loving this too!