Mammals of the Woods

I am gearing up to teach one of my favorite units!
I have made it available to you on TpT !
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Last year, I added a fluency component so that my students could build their reading skills while learning Science. Last week, I differentiated the passages so that I have pages for high and low readers.  They look so similar that students won’t know the difference!  I love teaching about mammals using fluency passages! My students are thrilled to take them home and show off their skills and knowledge! Because the students, read and reread them, their reading skill soar!

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Here are the Titles of the Fluency Passages:
What is a mammal?
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Dolphins are mammals too?
Being Nocturnal
Preparing for winter in the woods
My students LoVeD the fluency passages last year. So this year, I have added over 50 pages of Common Core practice, and 5 new art projects!
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Here is a list of activities:
Hibernation Science Directions
Hibernation Science Journal

What is a Mammal: Student Book sample pages

True and False Practice
Which mammal is your favorite? Full Color Math Graphing Activity/ Bulletin Board
Mammals activity 5Mammals activity 4Mammals activity 3
Odd or Even? Full Color Math Center/ Game
Woodsy Math- 120 Chart adding and subtracting
Phonics in motion
Clip art to make Anchor Charts for phonics in motion
Silly Animals Syllable Clap- can be used for alliteration as well
Journals for First and Second Grade

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Mammals TpT j5

Mammals TpT j 2

Mammals TpT j3

Pick a Poem

Mammals TpT ass 9

Mammals TpT ass 10

The Smart Art is my favorite!

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Mammals TpT art 2
Mammals TpT art 1

All the art is ready for the photocopier. No tracing required! I hate tracing. Hate it!
Building Beavers Art:
Academic Component: combine 2 simple sentences into 1 compound sentence.
Mammals TpT art 5
This can be displayed on your bulletin Board as an anchor chart and as your “Posting” of the Common Core Standard.
Mammals TpT art 3
This is a sample of the student page.  All of my art has an academic component that goes either directly onto the art or next to the art on the bulletin board.
Mammals TpT art 4

Raccoon Art
Academic Component: write your favorite fact

Academic Component: mini booklet called “I’m Warning You!”


Porcupine Place Value
Academic Component – Ones and tens / Ones, tens, and hundreds
Here is a glimpse of the booklet pages inside the Place Value Porcupine.
Mammals TpT art 6
Mammals TpT art 7

Upside-down Opossum Facts Art- Deciding between true and false opossum statements

I love the assessments that go with this unit. The tests are differentiated as well!  In 2 weeks, I can FILL my grade book, and that makes me happy! 
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I go back to work in 1 week, so I am using this week to make bulletin board titles, and do some early Christmas shopping! Tis the Season.  I can’t wait to go back to work and to have engaging lessons to pull the students out of their Santa Stupors.  It seems like as soon as Target puts up Christmas trees, my students go brain dead and get silly. But this unit is going to do the trick to keep them engaged, learning, and behaving like “Super Students” not like kids on the “Naughty List”.
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Seeing a unit is action is way better!
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