Halloween Linky & Freebie

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We are sharing our favorite Halloween Books

and a little treat...

Here is a page from my TpT ABC Order unit.

I hope you enjoy.

 Click {Here} to download this sweet little 
Trick or Treat Freebie
If you like what you see
 Head on over { to TpT }

Ha! I made a rhyme!
This is one of my favorite fall books.
There is nothing spooky.
This is nice since some school prohibit spooky.
In this charming book, Rebbecca Estelle hates
pumpkins because, as a child during The
Depression, she only ate pumpkins. 
 She vowed to never eat or
look at a pumpkin again. Until her yard was
overtaken! This is a sweet little book about
learning to look on the bright side and let a
little love in your heart.

A story about weeds and love.

Thank you for stopping in! It's time to announce the winners of the giveaway and I have to tell you the sweetest classroom story ever!
I didn't use random sampler because it is just not as cute as my little guy. So I'll use him instead!

 Congrats to Kelly
 And because I think my girls are cute too.
  A bonus second winner is Mrs. Brown !

Check your emails ladies. I hope you love the printing unit.

 What would you say to a child who brought in a two foot tall weed after lunch? What would you say if she asked you to put it in your hair? That's what happened today. After recess my little girls shower me with daisies, dandelions, and clovers from the field.

It is so sweet!I put them in my hair and vases. I feel very love.

Today, in comes my special ed student. She is unbelievably sweet, and smiles all the time. Her smile was particularly big after lunch recess. She beamed and presented me with a 2 foot tall WEED stalk. 

"It's for your hair!" she exclaimed!

And right into my hair it went. That huge weed, and the joy with which she  gave it, will stay in my heart forever.  

Happy Fall Sale on TpT

 I am joining up with Second Grade Math Maniac (blogspot)
and throwing a sale in my TpT Shop.  Happy Fall Friends.  Enjoy!
If you want to join my very first contest, read a few posts down and comment!
Good luck on the contest  & Happy Shopping!
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Nouns Craftivities & Student Pages
Addition Lessons to Teach 2 digits w/ and w/o Regrouping
Plural Nouns!
 ABC Order. What's Not to Love!!!
Of course a freebie... Brown Bear for grades k-2
My gift to you. Happy Fall!

Ouch! Poor Student! & A contest!

Hi, thanks for joining me!
You came at a perfect time because

I'm having my first Giveaway!

The contest is super easy and fun. 
Simply follow this blog and leave me

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That way I can
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Contest Ends Friday.
Good Luck and may the "force" be with you.
Star wars new cover pub 111

Sample Pages

So here's a little story from my
corner of the playground.

Our classroom doors have special piano hinges. 
This makes it impossible for a child to get

their fingers caught in the door. 
Their fingers, but not their arm. 

Yep !

 It happened today.

One of my little guys was pestering another child.
Like BIG time making her nuts…
on purpose….
So I asked him to wait for me

by the card chart, next to the door, so we could

quietly discuss life, sports,

and not bugging other children.

While he is over there, another child
leaves to got potty.

Would you be surprised to hear that

then  15 kids leave to go potty?

Now I have a revolving door.

But then I hear screaming!

So, I rush over.

Instantly, I know what has happened.

He is frozen in place, screaming, and the door

is shut on his arm!!!!
We cried together and  I sent him to get ice. 

 The child comes back.

  He's all better.

He goes skipping out recess, and promptly

bites another child!

 Not a little nibble. He draws BLOOD.

Fast forward to the end of the day,

and on his behavior contract
 I mention all the behaviors of the day,

but, friends,

 I forgot to mention his boo-boo!!!!


I can't believe I forgot!
I don’t know how it slipped my mind. 

 I mean I know biting is a HUGE deal,
but so is getting your

poor baby arm pinched in the door.
I can't call the parents, because it is 10:26pm.

So I am telling you. 

 I feel better knowing that you know.

I'll call them at 7:00am. 

Thanks for listening.

Since you took all that time to listen,

I have a little freebie for you.

It's my

Brown Bear Student Book called,

First Grader, First Grader

What Do You See?

You can head on over to TpT an download this
Brown Bear Book for the

grade level of your choice.
Kinder, First, and Second are waiting

for you!
More feebies coming.

This weekend I'm learning to

use Google Docs!
So excited!

Take a second to enter the drawing because
I know you’ll love the printing unit.
If you want to check out the unit more closely,

 then look under “printing” in the labels section.

Or if you want to just buy it for $8, then
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New School Year & A Contest

What a blast and bummer a new school year is.
I am always 50/50 on loving the new kids, but
a little bummed to realize how much they
don't remember from kindergarten.
I am not saying their kinder teacher didn't teach it!
Seriously, they are not down there in kinder
sipping starbucks nor are they hanging out in the
teachers lounge giggling about how easy their job is.

No way. And I know it. 
But my new first grade friends have gaps.
BIG ones. 
I have the thrilling and taxing job of helping 
20 kids out of 29

Yes, you read that correctly...

20 out of 29 come up to grade level!

Never fear! 
Keep calm and teach on!
Never tire of doing good!
Sweet Jesus give me strength!
You know what else gives me strength ?

Fun curriculum.

Well I have been
 using Babbling Abby's Fun with Firsties!

I am LOVING  Pete the Cat. 

Labeling is super fun and makes my students feel
so accomplished!

We wore our favorite shoes to school
and took a photo with them.
Then we wrote descriptive sentences.

This little guy is sunshine & energy.  Super smart too.
His Mom said I could post his pictures! Thanks MOM!

In math we did equations and tally marks!

I am gearing up for apples and our
Nouns Tree displays our "Smart Art".

I love art but I have to put some learning on it.

So I call it "Smart Art".

Along with the cute art we did this learning page....

Do you love it?
Head on over to TpT to grab it and 3 other
 Fall Noun Craftivities & learning pages. Only $4

I am currently obessed with chevron print.
 I love the zig zag and it looks darling with my
long term favorite Polka Dots.
A colleague of mine and I decided that
polka dots are the best
because they are cheerful and welcoming.  
Her dogs name is polka dot.
She took it to the next level...

 We all work on printing at the beginning of the year. 
How do you motivate good printing?
Try this. Fold the paper in half and only assign the first half. 
 If they rock that side they dont have to do the REST!
This is really nice for the kids
who print neatly too.
Half the work!

You also need a rocking printing unit. How about one with a Star
Wars theme???

Want it for free? 
Join my first contest
 Follow this blog, and leave your email address
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then just comment with email! 

Here are two sample pages

ranging from the first page to one of the last.

Find this on TpT for $8 for all letters A-Z and diagraphs