Election freebie #2

Freebie #2 is a little addition to my previous Election Fun Freebie #1.

Help your students to congratulate our President,
and practice their letter writing skills all at the same time.

Each year my class writes to the President, and we always get a form letter and photo back.
  I never promise this to my students, just in case he is too busy... you know... running the county!
But I am 13 for 13 years.

Happy letter writing!

Get Both Freebies from this blog post
I am teaming up with Patti over at Primary Practice. She has the cutest blog ever.
You'll want to go get her freebie too!
I just know it.
Check her out {here}
Thanks for visiting our blogs!
Love Ya! Katie and Patti!


  1. Katie, you're the best! Besides being amazingly talented, you're so generous, too! Thanks so much for your awesome freebies, and for including me in your post-still smiling :)

    I seriously can't wait to get back to school to use your election and American Symbols activities! Still waiting for the power to be restored after Hurricane Sandy.

    Have a great week!


  2. Oh Patti, You are the best too! I think you are a treasure. I see a beautiful friendship ahead!

  3. Thank you so much! My students and I did this activity today and they LOVED IT! I made a ballot box and the kids got to put their ballots in. We used dividers so they couldn't look at anyones ballot etc. It was perfect!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much! I used your materials and loved them - here's a link to my class using some of your stuff!

  5. Thanks again, Katie :) We loved doing activities from your Election Fun packet- can't wait to write our letters to the President now :)

    primary practice


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