#happyclassrooms {Part 1- Get neat printing from your students without nagging}

I want to talk about the #happyclassroom movement today. As the teacher, you are the thermostat of happiness in the room. The number 1 way to have a #happyclassroom is to have a positive teacher.   I didn’t say “happy” teacher because “happy” is a fleeting feeling, and let me tell you lots of REAL non-sense can squash teacher happiness. So we have got to CHOOSE to take a positive path when dealing with some of kid stuff that pops up and causes negativity in our rooms.  In this little 3 part mini-series we are going to tackle these awesome topics over the next 3 days!

Part 1- Poor printing and lack of desire to print so others can read it.
Part 2 - Slow to finish sight words lists
Part 3 - Not completing work nor caring about completing work

Today we are talking about not so fabulous printing.  Everything about a kindergartener is developing at light speed. They grow like weeds and their brains are like sponges. But sometimes that fine motor is slow to develop. Even slower is the DESIRE to print neatly! We are going to cultivate a desire to print neatly with a cute little shout out
Get your kiddos to print like princes and princesses

Here is how I use the shout outs in my classroom.

This short little shout out at the end of my day is how I get big, positive results in my classroom!
Big hugs and kisses to you all. Keep up the great work and keep that classroom happy by choosing to be positive even in face of negative behaviors.
Grab your shout out by clicking the image below.


  1. I watched your shout out ceremony video. FANTASTIC! LOVE the positive reinforcement. This is my first year teaching kdg. We only have 34 more days of school but I plan to implement this even for the last few days. Absolutely plan to use all of next year. Thank you bunches!

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