An encouragement to be real and build real friendships.

 I want to just share that I am forever in love with these two ladies. 

They have helped me to be the best mom, friend, and teacher-blogger I can by being real with me.  There are no secret lives or claims to perfection among us. This only happened because we were willing to be real with our pains and joys. In sharing our brokenness and disillusionment we heal each other. When we are real, there is growth. If I call them and tell them that I am overwhelmed, they instantly remind me to care for my family and myself first. Everything else is optional. When my sweet son has been wacky, they share their own stories of children gone wild. When I share a major moment, they stop what they are doing and grab the pom-poms and cheer.  We are ready to be there for each other. We  are ready to be real.

I share all of this with you as an encouragement. I'm not bragging or wearing my fancy pants. But I want the very best for you. I want to encourage you to open the gates to your heart with a safe person and share what is really going on. When you are with someone you trust, resist the urge to paint a pretty picture of your life, rather share your worries, heartaches, and joys.  Don't bash your family, but if a family member has broken your heart, tell a friend and allow them to come along-side you with a plan, a prayer, and hug.