Walkin in a Winter Wonderland Blog Hop!!!

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Listen I live a place where I can SEE snow on the mountains, but snow never falls in my town. Well let me tell you this is the view off my freeway! Say what!?! Are you kidding me! Hello snow in the Inland Valley! Look at that palm tree with snow on top!

It is the New Year and it is time to make some plans for the best year ever!
So here is what I am doing!
Planning ahead for my classroom and trying to have all my copies done 3 weeks in advance. That means I am busy writing my fluency and craft projects all the way through June!

Investing time into my health and faith
Service: This is really on my heart this year.  I have always seen my job as a ministry and service to the community.  I want to continue to bless the families represented in my classroom.  Here is how I do that:
  • I pray for the kids. I don’t do this out loud I don’t tell the kids I am praying for them. But as they share about their lives, I hold them up in prayer.
  • I buy their girl scout cookies.
  • I take amazing pictures that I hope the parents treasure. This is what I am doing when we come back in January
We did these as a contest in our fourth grade for our Winter Party. Too much fun. - Heart-2-Home
Making quality freebies for you! This is the best little group science experiment ever!
Hibernation Freebie
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Meeting amazing bloggers like Emily from Live this Love She is your next stop on the hop!