World’s Easiest Bulletin Board {Part 2}

You guys! Thanks for loving the board! It really is easy-peasy, but I made another video showing you the DIY part of making the actual board. You all had some great questions about where to find the “2 armed doo-hicky-thingies”

image Staples has to 2 pronged fasteners {here}

Making the backers:

  • Cut Full Sized construction paper in half. I like black because it matches everything! Laminate it now if you are going to laminate.
  • Make a template: 2 hole punch a 8.5X11 regular paper. Then tape it to one of your  9X17 backers. This is a very important step if you want a black border all the way around your papers.
  • Use a single hole punch to punch the holes in the backers. YOU CANNOT USE THE TWO HOLE PUNCH FOR THIS. If you do then you will not have a black border on the top of your papers.
  • Slip in a 2 pronged holder. Tape it to the back for stability.
  • Hang the backers in an arrangement you like. I like doing it like this since I can hang up cute lettering and the standard along with it.
  • Add papers all year or take them off and on for each activity. Your choice. I send my papers home so the parents can see what their kids are doing.


  • Laminate for sure, but I have had my set fo7 years and they get taken all the way dawn and put up 3 times a year because I rotate classrooms each trimester. So you wont be investing much money or time into remaking these very often.