5 Tips for a Great Mammogram

The C word. No one wants to talk about it because it is not easy. But I want to talk to you about early detection. I am thankful for early detection because it saved my mom’s life both times she got breast cancer. It did not save my aunt.  I am pretty serious about taking precautions and getting tests! Here are my best mammo tips and ticks.   Many of these I learned just from this being my second mammogram and the dumb stuff I did the first time around.

5 Tips for making your mammogram great (2)

Mammo 1- I had outrageous curls. Think Texas beauty queen hair.  I was nervous the day of and spent a lot of time primping. My hair was in the way the whole time!

Mammo 2-  It was a pony all the way!

 5 Tips for making your mammogram great (3)

Mammo 1- to go with my rocking hair, was an awesome sundress. This meant I was in my panties for the exam. Not necessary!

Mammo 2- Shorts/ Jeans. I felt so much more comfy, modest, and warmer.

 5 Tips for making your mammogram great (4)

Mammo 1- I arrived on time and then had to fill out the paperwork and then I felt flustered that I was holding up the technician.

Mammo 2- I arrived early, sipped an iced mocha, and filled out my paperwork calmly.

 5 Tips for making your mammogram great (5)

Both mammos I told my technician the very short version of my mom’s and aunt’s story.  I think both techs really took their time and got clean clear shots of me, knowing that this really could be an issue.

 5 Tips for making your mammogram great6

I am awaiting my results. They should arrive in a week. I know that God is with me and I am in His hands. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have this mammogram done!

5 Tips for making your mammogram great

I am teaming Up with my pal Vicky Moore.  Please log on to her blog {here} to hear from this amazing woman and her story.  Vicky shares with us the top 10 reasons to go get a mammo. Her list had info I didn’t know and a few common sense reasons like, yep I want to keep my hair and “ladies” intact!

Tip 3:


We really want to encourage you to “Think Pink”.  Please take that next step toward your best health possible.  Don’t take no for an answer from your doctor either. Your doctor might need to be told that this is “really on your mind and weighing heavily on your peace of mind as you go to sleep at night”. That little phrase turned my doctor’s initial “no” into a “why not”.  That’s all I needed was her “yes” toward my healthiest life possible.

You can do it too! 

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