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WE are busy in first grade.  We are ending this year like champions… at least we are trying to end the year like champions! It gets hard at the end. Here’s what hard right now: First graders playing in water at recess, chasing each other, not listening to instructions, arguing…. the list goes on and this is only what’s happening in my own home with my own first grader.  But I have some fun activities that are going to keep these kiddos engaged  to the very end! I am also including a fun sunflower freebie for you if you are looking for a fun little lesson to keep them busy.
For Fluency & Science this week we are reading about sunflowers. We are also going to write about them and taste them.  The sunflower seed freebie is OH so fun and engaging!
Slide1 The Passages and Quizzes: The beautiful thing about these passages is that I have provided 3 different formats for you to choose from.
  • Grid and numbers for Fluency Drills
  • Numbers with no Grid for Fluency Drills
  • Full Sized Fluency Grid
  • No Grid, No numbers perfect for Close reading or 2nd grade reading comprehension
  • I have written a test and formatted it in 2 ways for comprehension/ science grade or close reading.
These writing pages help my students with our District adopted Step Up to Writing program (which I love by the way).
Of course you know the art is always my favorite part!
Slide4 Some major teaching happens in the labeling process.  Kids LOVE labeling.  It is so simple, and labels are short, so they really apply themselves! Labeling is also key in getting them to write!
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TPT 3 However if you already own Spring Into Fluency then this little baby it yours already!
Spring Into Fluency Simply download again! If you are looking for great passages, art, and writing, then check out Spring Into Fluency!
As we are headed into Summer, but still teaching these last few weeks, having rigorous fun is also super important! That’s why we are going to watch a video on how to make sunflower seeds and then taste some sunflower seeds.  We are going to be deciding if we like eat them shelled or if we enjoy popping them out of their shells and eating them.
Slide9Sunflower seeds freebieI think I am going to be surprised how the kids answer! I know that there will be some major carpet cleaning with all those shells everywhere! But hey it’s getting close to the end of the year and eating shell-on sunflower seeds is what you do in the summer! To download your freebie click the button below and Enjoy!
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