Bees That Buzz-Freebie

Is there anything better than the Springtime? Yes, summer vacation, but for the moment the world is blossoming and so are our students!!! Bees are fascinating to children, thus making them the PERFECT material for reading, writing, close reading questions, and smart art!


The Passages and Quizzes: The beautiful thing about these passages is that I have provided 3 different formats for you to choose from.

  • Grid and numbers for Fluency Drills
  • Numbers with no Grid for Fluency Drills
  • Full Sized Fluency Grid
  • No Grid, No numbers perfect for Close reading or 2nd grade reading comprehension
  • I have written a test and formatted it in 2 ways for comprehension/ science grade or close reading.


Writing prompt, 4 thinking maps, samples, and lined pages


My favorite part…. the Smart Art. I made it smart art by having the kids write bee verbs on the lines. This year my grade level switched it up and had the kids do a math fact family on the lines so you have that option too. One of my teammates,  had mentioned our bees need to be scientifically correct with a thorax, so now we have a thorax option as well! I personally like the no-thorax-verbs-version I have used for the last 5 years, but hey, who does not like options!!! I say make it work for you!


As a tiny bonus, I added links to You Tube Videos. I know some of you cannot log onto You Tube at school. I think kids need to see little clips of the real world in action! So if you are lucky enough to be able to log onto You Tube, I like these videos. Please preview before showing, you know I cannot control the ads placed on You Tube {inset sad face}.


My grade level was asked by our district to create a performance assessment that would serve as an “exit exam” for 1st grade. We divided and conquered this task. I was in charge of creating a passage that was about a RR 16, Level H/I, and Grade level 2.0 with questions to test comprehension.  It’s a freebie for you!!! Enjoy my loves!Busy Bees Freebie From Teacher to the Core- Enjoy

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