Spring into Fluency/Close Reading !

As promised, I am writing more fluency and making more art. I am calling my passages “Power Passages” because they can be used for fluency, comprehension, and close reading.  All 3 in one paper! That’s powerful!!!  I have also bundled the Power Passage units for you! The April passages are loaded into a new unit called Spring Into Fluency. You can also buy each unit individually for $2.50 or in the bundle for a huge savings. Each unit has:

  • Lesson Plans for the week
  • Power Passage in 3 formats and Graphing choices
  • Question pages for quizzing & close reading 2 formats~ differentiated
  • Writing Prompt with 4 Thinking Maps~ Differentiated
  • Art Project with Directions in words and pictures
  • Bulletin board lettering phrase

I am loving these new units and cannot wait to teach with them!!!! So with no further adieu {and on sale until Monday} presenting the April Power Passages….

Cover Planet Protectors

This little baby is an informational science unit that discusses the Earth Day concepts of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The passage is written with kid-friendly examples and with the rich text that the Common Core demands and their imaginations crave. By the end the unit your little babies will have a deep understanding of how they can protect the Earth and will be well on their way to becoming Little Planet Protectors !!!

Slide2 Slide3 Slide4Slide5


Informational reading and fluency from Teacher to the Core Oh my word, I am in love with this one. Now you all know I don’t “do” narrative/ fiction fluency, but I have to. The Common Core says so. But I am delighted to say that this is a little reader’s theater piece!  I have to tell you a little snippet of the plot. The play is written in such a way that the relationship could be parental, siblings, buddies, or even grandparent to child. It’s also gender neutral since everything is 1st person. But for the sake of explanation let’s say that Little Peacock is a girl talking to her Dad. So here is what happens! Little Peacock tells Big Peacock all about her amazing day at school and how proud she feels. The little peacock is quite pleased that she pushed through challenging math, sounded out a really tough word using strategies, read the whole time during silent reading, and {miracle of all miracles} she did not tattle when someone cut in line! Each victory is celebrated by Big Peacock telling Little Peacock how proud he is.  It’s delightful, and I am in love! Your families are going to flip with joy over this reading homework, and the art is just presh!

Informational reading and fluency from Teacher to the Core (2)

Informational reading and fluency from Teacher to the Core (3)

I could not stop myself from including science though. So I am giving you a little preview of my close reading “single slide series” that is coming soon.

close reading

Informational reading and fluency from Teacher to the Core (4)

Informational reading and fluency from Teacher to the Core (5)




The ladybug population at my school is 5,000 and growing, and most of them get brought into my classroom. The kids can’t help it. Ladybugs are captivating! This text captures the kid’s imaginations and teaches them a ton about their favorite little insect. The close reading/quiz will give you a science grade if you want it. Who am I kidding. IF. Don’t we all need grades for Social Studies and Science!?!? If you already own the unit Little Ladybugs you can simply download it again and get the new fluency and quizzes!






In case you want to try out one of these units, here is a freebie~

How Tweet it is!

How Tweet Cover 


Remember you can buy them all Separately or as a part of this bundle!

Spring Into Fluency The Months of April, May, and June will be covered in this unit.

The April Fluency Power Passage Units are:

  • Proud as a Peacock
  • Little Ladybugs
  • Planet Protectors
  • How Tweet it Is

May Fluency:
Coming Soon (Buy early and pay less) The price will jump to $20 in April

What's Included in each unit?
Lesson Plans for the week
Passage and Graphing choices
Question pages for quizzing or close reading
Writing Prompt with 4 Thinking Maps
Art Project with Directions in words and pictures
Bulletin board lettering phrases

Spring In Fluency will have:
10 Fluency passages and Graphs
10 Question pages for quizzing or close reading
10 Writing Prompts with Thinking Maps
10 Art Projects with Directions
10 Bulletin board lettering phrases

Topics will include
Earth Day
Rain forest
and so much more!


Slide2 Fluency 101 Cover Slide3



Don’t forget! It’s all on sale through Monday!


If you are interested in reading more about fluency, you can hop over to Lisa’s Blog. She is hosting a fluency linky party. You know that’s a party I am hanging out in!
Stay tuned! My next post is all about this….

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It happened, and there was NOTHING left after we were done with them!


  1. I am purchasing this for sure! Thanks so much for all that you do!

  2. I purchased you Fluency101 and think it's amazing. Are you going to have any passages for kindergarten?

    1. Sandy. yes. I am going to get the first/second grade ones up and then move into the phonics based rebus style fluency. In the meantime, this unit is perfect for kinders at the end of the year.

      It's my 5 senses unit, and each sense has a little book. The little books are filled with sight words, picture clues, and are predictable text. They also have a graph as the last page, so they can be read as fluency for the week. This is what I use the first 3 weeks of school in first grade, so it is perfect for the end of kinder!

    2. Woot woot! Thank you Katie! I'm on my way to TPT!

  3. Everything looks amazing! Your kiddos will have such fun with these when you get back! BTW love your 'teaser'.

    1. Vicky, those cupcakes and out outrageously delightful behavior eating them needed a post all by itself! I love you girl.

    2. ouR behavior not "out" behavior. Though, we ate those cupcakes in a pretty "out" there outrageous way.

  4. These are AMAZING! I would love these for upper grades :)


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