OH my GOSH what a FABULOUS weekend! I have sooooo much to tell you, like how I accidentally put an outfit together that made me look like George Washington. Yes. True story. I didn’t have time to change before my speaking session so I went with it. But apparently, this happened to Ellen at the Oscars so I’m in good company!

IMG_7615  ellen
I had the best time, learned so much from the amazing speakers, and SPOKE at my first conference! I KNOW !!! Exciting stuff right!

I will never ever forget my first audience. You all went with me. It was the last session of the conference, and you were tired! But you all just came alive! It was a thrill to talk to you about Fluency games and strategies! I hope your posters made it home OK in the rain! MERCY that was a lot of rain !
Fluency Oprah Moments
So many of you kinder teachers asked for kinder fluency, so I am going to create them for you!
kinder fluency
I will start on it right away! I will stick within the first 50 sight words and make them phonics based. I might add in some rebus style pictures so we can get into some content! You want it. I’m on it!
Now, check out the SEXY beast shoes I wore to the conference!!!

Right! BIG shoes!!!! I was very nervous I was going to fall! But you know, you have to “bring it”  sometimes!!!  Look at the ROCK stars who were there with me. They “brought it” for sure! I mean it was a mini Vegas! Are you going to Vegas for the “I Teach K/1st” conference? Go! Let’s hang out by the pool.

The group with buttons

My husband says he knows how nervous I am by how big I make my hair. This time I went with BIG shoes. Listen a sister has to change it up. P.S. in picture above, I am squatting while wearing the 4 inch heels. I thought I was going to DIE. Squatting on your tippy-toes (due to the high heels) is REALLY hard! I could hear Richard Simmons telling me, “You can do it! Only 20 more cameras to “click”, and then you can sit down.” My legs were shaking girls!
Speaking of changing it up and Richard Simmons, I am exchanging about 20 pounds of fat for lean, mean, muscle.  Who else has put on weight since becoming a blogger/ curriculum maker/ blog reader? I mean this is crazy and so rude. You make curriculum and read teaching blogs to help kids and you get big, flat, flabby buns from sitting so much.  So, I am going to go turbo hustle on over to the DVD player and “Walk Away the Pounds” and swap out my flat buns for a flat tummy.  Then, I am going to eat some Girl Scout cookies and see what happens. I have never seen an over weight Girl Scout, so those must be diet cookies, right? RIGHT!

As a nibble a cookie, I wanted to share some favorite photos of the weekend. Deanna Jump rocking as the “King of –ing”on Friday’s session and teaching us about Guided Reading on Saturday. Fran and Heidi rocked their booths!
DSC_0033 DSC_0262
 DSC_0057  DSC_0272
Friday night was the Blogger Bash! It was dinner, giveaways, and FUN galore.  We had a beach theme in the rain!  I loved it!
 DSC_0087 DSC_0100
These are baskets of pre-prepped units!!! Each blogger brought one basket and a $10 gift card to our stores.  It was GREAT to love on our winners !
The dinner was amazing and the company was GREAT! Look at those beauties! Just a room full of gorgeous teachers!
I got to talk all about this freebie and wanted to make sure it was easy to find for those who attended. Click here to read more about the “Eye Like What I See” behavior freebie. You will get tons of goodies in the freebie.
We also talked about how to praise those nose pickers that DRIVE US CRAZY. These are the Shout Out Awards/Notes that help us the bring out the best in EVERY kid in our class. 
BRAG don't NAG - Such a cute way to shout out great classroom behavior and watch it multipy
Click here to read exactly how it goes and how easy it is to “Brag, Instead of Nag”!
What a weekend! “Don’t be sad it’s over, but be happy it happened.” -Dr. Seuss. No truer words!
Oh and be sure to click here to get a freebie from each and every blogger! You don’t want to miss this.