Crazy Over Fluency

Remember how I promised you sweet kinder teachers I would be making fluency passages for you?  Well, Cara has created fluency centers to get kinders-3rd graders going on the road to fluency! Are you dying with excitement? I am!!! Cara and I are linking arms to help kids fall in love with reading and have fun doing it!
Fluency Rocks Let me tell you Cara has a fluency center your students will love!  Check out the glory of all this cuteness….
How cool is that?
I am a fluency nerd, so Cara’s center makes me happy. I am 100% OK with being a fluency nerd because it is a HUGE part of why my students are addicted to reading! However, I know that just because it works, it does not mean it’s easy for other teachers to “just implement” it.  So I wrote a 101 Guide to give you 10 game-changer strategies and games to help you rock your reading program!
Fluency 101 Cover new cover
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Speaking of rocking reading, Cara is helping all of our readers Rock Their Fluency! Click any picture to go grab it from TpT.
image image image  Rock Your Fluency ~ The Third Grade Edition {Editable}
Look at this! It is seriously “presh” and Cara has taken the time to do levels K-3 and even bundled them for you!
Rock Your Fluency ~ The Ultimate Fluency Bundle!
These fluency centers ROCK!
Each of Cara’s packs follows the format below:  Presentation3
My students do a passage a week for our traditional fluency drills, but the great thing about adding Cara’s fluency center to my classroom is four-fold:
  • Sight word practice
  • Phrase practice such as “in the”, “big dog”, & “not me”
  • Sight word intensive independent reading
  • Engagement- “Roll and Read” is like recess for the reader’s brain! It’s fun!

Kids need time to play and learn at their own pace. This is one of the reasons I LOVE Cara's center!!!! I can put the kinder-3rd grade materials out and the kids will choose what they are most comfortable with. Plus the idea of the fluency folders provides the perfect way to differentiate. Her materials are JUST brilliant!


If you are looking to add traditional fluency practice to your week, my fluency units will bring you joy and get you results! Each unit has:
  • Lesson Plans for the Week
  • A Power Passage in 3 formats for fluency, close reading, and/or comprehension
  • Questions page for close reading or a quiz
  • Writing prompt with 4 thinking maps for differentiation
  • Smart Art Project with directions in words and pictures
  • Bulletin board lettering
How Tweet Cover Slide1Peacocks CoverCover Planet Protectors  

All of these are bundled into a unit that will have April, May, and June fluency units. The April units you see above are loaded in now. I will be adding in the May units starting next week. It’s going to be a HUGE bundle when it’s done!!!
Spring Into Fluency
I hope that you are ready to Rock Your Fluency with Cara and I!
Please keep us posted on how it's going!!!
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